[Chapter 1.1] Into the Maw

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Chapter 1] Into the Maw

Post by Straken » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:40 pm

"I've been spoiled," a hoarse voice muttered in response. From his kneeling position on the ground, Ruarc stirred and raised his head. His face was set in hard lines and framed by the heavy shadows of his hood; the shade making him hard to read. With ginger movements he undid the necklace Laoise wore and stowed it away, and where the girl had lain was the familiar's true form; a delicate and broken dove. Picking her up in a broad hand, the Irishman considered her for a moment before speaking further. "I'm a Keeper, and in my own way I've been running away as well. I help keep order around Safeholme, but for years I hid from my responsibilities; Hell, I even pawned off most of my responsibilities around the school. But this, what we're doing here, is just as much my job as tending a glade is. And Laoise knew that just as much as I. It's what we were born to do. She doesn't need protecting from this, I don't need protecting from this, and I can't speak for the others but I feel like they would say much the same."

Standing back up to his full height, Ruarc walked the few paces over to the effigy. He was cradling Laoise near his chest as he drew close. "I don't know what good all this can do in a battle of gods. But this bird still fought! I've told her before to hang back and stay in animal form during times like this, but she stubbornly refuses; insisting she can do more good like this. She knew the risks, and she still stood, and she died. Damn it man, standing even when you don't think you can is probably the only time it ever truly matters. This bird stood in a battle of gods."

Ruarc trailed off a bit before raising his head and setting his resolve. "If you don't think you can follow her example, then could you at least do me a favor and keep her body safe while we carry on?"

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Re: [Chapter 1] Into the Maw

Post by Kai » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:17 pm

Miyuki wasn't sure what to make of the vines and eyes encircling them at the moment, and stood her ground, not wanting to get caught off guard. She listened to Eryl with some interest, however she found it hard for the heartfelt speech to penetrate her cold heart. She had little care for those whom had already lost their lives, for almost nothing could be done for the, but, Percy was still alive, and so she steeled herself to continue fighting for him. The Ice mage held up the black rod with its Icy jewel, ready for anything to come out of the forest. However, when one of them took on a familiar shape she was taken aback, having not expected it. As it spoke, though, she relaxed a little knowing every word was heartfelt. Miyuki looked at the fallen dove, a small ache for one she knew quite well, and yet, she knew that the only way they could help her was by continuing on, and winning, surviving the battles ahead, so Ruarc would be able to revive her.

"The trees, they helped heal me when I was hurt. The birds, Laiose in particular, gave me peace of mind and support, the flowers, their beauty makes the world one of wonder, and spriggans help to care for them all. The gods have no pity for them when they have lost themselves, but the beasts and the boughs are all important, and must be fought for. Though, There is only one that makes it easy for me to stand up to gods, I have done so before, and I will gladly do so again. For him. For you."

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Re: [Chapter 1] Into the Maw

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:06 pm

Jane put a reassuring arm around the smaller woman's shoulders. "Course not. Ain't nothin ye coulda done, Mizz Maelgwyn, but everythin ye already done. Stay strong, we ain't out the woods yet."

The cowgirl released Eryl and took a halfstep back. She had to steady herself as well. It had been a long time since she'd shot to kill, and the fight had only just begun.

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Re: [Chapter 1] Into the Maw

Post by Gwathdraug » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:46 am

Hesitant, short stutter steps closed the distance between Riley and her decidedly unshade-like copy. The two women's faces - one half covered by a frowning mask of black on the right and the other grinning white over the left - almost touched as the stage magician balled the Phantom's shirt collar inside her fist. She tugged at the cloth beneath her hands, but gently and with little effort lent to any actual motion.

"What is this?" Riley hissed quietly as she glanced down at her shirt in her hand on a body that was her's and also not. The magician's one uncovered eye darted back up and stared across towards its mirror. "What."

The Phantom's own face was half static frown and half barred teeth. A low grinding sound could be heard before the copy shook it's head in the most minute gesture. "A transgression - an assault." Riley's own voice hissed back at her siblant and low. "Our contract-" The skin around the Phantom's eyes and mouth pulled tight as it paused, teeth becoming even more revealed in a fit of rage that lasted for no longer than a twitch. "-a shattered grotesquerie."

Riley's fist relaxed as she pulled backward and nodded to herself while looking down. The motion repeated as the stage magician mulled through her thoughts. When her attention cut back up she fixed a hard look onto the Phantom. "It'll be important - later. Right now it's a spell." A rueful smile turned up on the visible half of the woman's face and matched her side of the split mask they both wore. "Since we're me no one will even blink twice."

Turning away from her copy one of Riley's hands met mask and the other flesh as she smacked her palms against her cheeks. Still cradling her face the stage magician let out a long, heavy breath. A quick jog took her near to Ruarc and the stage magician then got closer with a walk just shy of halting. Standing before the tall druid Riley's mouth opened.


And shut.

"I'd... I'd give you a hug... but-" Riley was finally able to pull her attention away from the dove Ruarc was cradling towards his chest. The stage magician nodded at her friend as she met his eyes. The smile on her face was small and sickly. "I started the fight."

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