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Re: [Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:49 pm
by Kai
Katerina was nearly taken aback by the appearance of the new student and his, for lack of a better term, dog. She blinked, but then regained her composure, telling herself that this kind of stuff was probably normal. Sure, Kat had been ysing magic for a few years, but she hadn't seen much aside from her own powers during that time, especially not a happy go lucky undead dog or what appeared to be some sort of positive-thinking goth reject. She kept these opinions to herself of course, patiently awaiting the young man to introduce himself.

Re: [Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:59 am
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
"Oh." Johann smiled sheepishly. "Sorry Mrs. Flynn, the schedule says Mrs. Erikson. I'm Johann Krieger, nev-- novice norco-- narec..." He huffed in frustration and tried more slowly. " Nov. Ice. Nec. Ro. Man. Cer." he beamed. "There, I got it! Sometimes I have trouble with long words." He scratched absentmindedly at the turban over his left ear. "And we already intred-- indru-- introduced Chuffy."

Chuffy, meanwhile, was staring and panting happily at Vrey. He went forward to lick her face, but instead merely booped her face with his nose. "He likes you! He just forget he doesn't have a tongue anymore sometimes." Looking up to Ruarc, he said, "My name is Johann Krieger."

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Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:49 pm
by Kokuten
"Mugggh," shivered Drysi, looking at both Johann and Chuffy. First druids, then cowboys, now necromancers? This place was the bargain bin of low-rung mages, thought the scribe, bringing in all sorts of classless magery in its midst. Necromancers all had strange fascinations with dead things, and making them move again. In the rankings, they were about the same as paper witches, relying on constructs and minions to take up the fighting for them. At the very least, they had a tendency to being ambitious and willful with their magicks. This one looked like he was just playing at the necrology, what with his uninteresting clothing and his upbeat attitude.

Worst though, Drysi didn't like dead things. She pinched her nose, "He's clean, right?"

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:03 am
by Gwathdraug
"It is a positive dog." Vrey stated as her nostrils flared and she sniffed a heavy intake of Chuffy's air as his bone knocked against her nose. "It does not impose onto the stomach's growling howls." The teen stood up, the entire foot in height difference between her and Johann highlighted as she looked up at the necromancer, her expression one of concentration. Vrey clasped her hands behind her and then leaned the top part of her body closer to the newcomer. Her nostrils flared. "You are like to the others-" The small girl danced back, divorcing her space from Johann's, and with a turn danced her eyes across the other students. When her movements settled her head snapped to look over her shoulder at the necromancer. "-tempting, a fine aroma, but too friendly to make threat to."

Vrey's body relaxed and then she was gone from her previous position again - the teen once more squatting by Chuffy. "The class is heading to maintenance to upgrade each acquaintances. We learn to bite others yet spare the unit."

A gauntlet'd hand snaked around Chuffy's neck and back - always hovering inches from the hound's body - and stopped above the middle of his back. Green tendrils massed into being around the arm and shifted to comb through the risen creature's coat. The multitude of appendages lengthened and wormed across all of Chuffy's body in scant moments then disappeared.

Looking up at the others, and tucking her arm back away, Vrey twitched a miniscule smile before her face turned placid once more. "Very clean."

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:02 pm
by Kokuten
"I wasn't talking about the dog," muttered Drysi as she went shuffling through her bag again, pulling out a small cloth and cleaning her three-lensed glasses. She seemed intent on keeping herself separate on the group, and she was, preferring a distance to all the others. The way her satchel weighed on her shoulder, she seemed ready for almost anything.

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:35 pm
by Straken
"Mizz Flynn. We're not married, She's my familiar," Ruarc said as he and Laoise shared a chuckle. It was helpful when the Druid was able to explain Laoise in magical terms, when regular people make that mistake out in public he has to deflect and call her his sister.

"Remember the security guard who almost threw you out of the photo shoot when he didn't buy the she's my sister line," Laoise voice said subconsciously.
"Yeah, almost like you didn't say you were expecting me to show up, like I suggested," Ruarc said back.
"I backed you up, after I got to see him almost break your arm."

Ruarc gave his silver-haired familiar a deadpan look as she gave a quaint little laugh. Sighing, Ruarc wasn't about to let his first class get derailed this early in the day. So after clearing his throat, he brought the class' attention back to himself. "Well, welcome to the class, Johann. You are just in time for the hike. Use this class as a chance to familiarize yourself with the campus and your classmates, since Ah didn't have a chance to figure something to test your abilities," the Irishman said, raising his volume a notch or two to ensure he had everyone's attention. As he finished up the welcome, he looked to have an idea. "Not sure if Chuffy can still smell, but this might help you work in tandem with you partner."

Reaching up into the rowan tree overhead, he plucked a couple of blossoms from a stem. Walking over to Johann, he handed the lad a couple of flowers before tucking another into the button on his collar. "Rowan flowers have a rather pleasant smell, aye? If Chuffy can track at all, ya can try and use the scent to track me. Ah'll make it tricky for ya, and since Vrey was sitting up there for a while, she will add a level of difficulty to following the trail. Now, we don't want to put this off too long, so if you have any pressing questions feel free to ask Laoise. Now, my five second head start."

With that Ruarc held up a hand and used his fingers to count down from five, but he didn't move from his spot. When he got to two, he said a quick spell in Irish. When he got to one, he took a step, and like a gust of wind he swept off and disappeared into the forest.

"Alright everyone. As Ruarc said, feel free to ask questions, but otherwise this excursion is testing you. So happy hunting," Laoise said with a smile.

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:25 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
Johann smiled at the triclops. "I bathed today, if that's what you mean. And Chuffy did too!" He gave the dog a good scratch on his flank then presented the flowers to the end of his skull. Chuffy breathed deep then tilted his head, as if processing.

Johann was distracted by the instructor. "That was amazing!" He exclaimed as Ruarc vanished from sight.

Then he began the hunt and very quickly made his way to Vrey. He paused and glanced back at the boy in black. "No, silly!" Johann shook his head.

Chuffy's face drooped once more, searching the earth and air for hints of those flowers. Eventually he made his way to where the druid had stood. "Huh. Chuffy might be able to do it after all."

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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:37 pm
by Kai
"Welcome to the class, Johann" Katerina greeted the newcomer, before they were enlightened as to the actual details of what their morning class would entail, and then subsequently left bereft of their new instructor. With nothing further ado, Kat watched the other students' first courses of action before making the executive decision to head off in the direction which Mr. Flynn had seemingly gone. of course, it was a short ways across the lawn and toward the woods. She had traveled a short distance into these woods before, but highly doubted Ruarc would be anywhere that he'd been before.

"Drysi, do you know any scripted spells to track people? and Johann, do you think you could have Chuffy try looking this way?" she asked of the others. While her magic had many practical applications, both in battle and domestically, she didn't have any experience whatsoever in tracking down others. "And does anyone else have any experience in tracking?"

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Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:52 pm
by Kokuten
"Not without having already marked them," frowned Drysi, seeing Katerina taking charge ahead of her. She held her breath for a moment, as if trying to contend and provide her own guidance, seeing as she was the superior mage. Yet, that held breath only seemed to suffocate her, she seemed to tense, as a bit of anxiety began to show on her face. She didn't want to look useless, that was Willow's job! There were years of talent hidden behind Drysi's perfect hair, she didn't want to come short and choke, so she snatched up a near-by stone.

She quickly began writing down something in her archaic, yet flowing letters one side and then the other, and drew a line in between the two sides. It took perhaps half a minute, but when she finished, she finally breathed again, holding up the rock. "Here!"

The stringy welsh-girl shook with the force in which she offered it, before composing herself.

"A stone, marked with the Detect Magic spell on one side, tied to the Light spell on the other. I have inlaid a meta-magic link so that the light will only activate when the spell detects magic. We could likely use it to catch what trails of magic Mr. Flynn left behind. Or perhaps... Let the dog get us close enough for it to work."

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Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:23 pm
by Gwathdraug
When the undead dog sniffed her out and trotted calmly over to her, Vrey decided that Chuffy and her had now become friends. When Johann called him away for being 'silly' the small teen frowned but inclined her head and shoulders in a good-bye bow as the hound sniffed his way elsewhere.

Her friend was on the clock after all. It was good to know a staunch professional.

Setting into a slump and beginning to walk the direction Drysi and Katerina had headed Vrey was intent on walking all the way past them. But then the rock Drysi had given their companion glowed from soft to bright as Vrey had closed the distance between them. The hairless girl stopped set between her two classmates and turned her head curiously as she analyzed the illuminated rock.

Then, with a short bow that amounted to a shrug and was directed at neither girl - but the rock - Vrey murmured a 'hallo' and walked her way to a good sized maple tree at the start of their search perimeter.

In a flash of motion the teen went from the ground to sitting high on a limb, legs kicking aimlessly in the air. Poking both leather covered index fingers against her chin Vrey set to observe the actions below her.