[Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:01 pm

"I--!" Johann didn't know how that sentence ended, but he sure was miffed that he never got it out. Heat flushed his face, and made him tug at his turban self-consciously, wishing he could yank it over his face and hide for awhile. The turban remained snug and his emotions remained in plain sight.

The key, however, drew him from thoughts of his own predicament to the problem at hand. When Kat finally paused, the German gently extricated himself from her grasp to point. "There!" It was beside Katerina's stone, presumably because she had also seen it. Chuffy had remained on the shore and sat watching Johann like the dutiful beast he was.

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Re: [Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

Post by Kai » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:08 pm

Katerina paused when a goldenish glint caught her eye in the water. When Johann took his hand away from hers and pointed, she knew he had seen it, as well. She planted herself on the stepping stone, getting into a sort of stance and concentrating. without saying anything, she began to 'pull' at the water with her magic, trying to draw the key upward with the water from the river. "If it comes up, could you grab the key? Moving water is a bit harder to control and I'm not used to this much of it," she told the young man. She was determined to get this key as quickly as she could, and hoped that Johann would continue to be helpful. She could see that he lacked some of the confidence that several of the other students held, and thought that perhaps making sure that his contributions were important would help him feel more confident in himself.

Also, it didn't hurt that she couldn't manipulate the water AND try to grab something at the same time, and thus actually did need his help.

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