[Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

Post by Kokuten » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:43 am

"That's not a bad idea if you want half of us to be wrong," bluntly answered Drysi to Katerina's plan, sighing a bit dramatically to the other girls suggestion. For the sake of success, and ensuring the team's grade, it was ideal! But the Welshgirl wanted success in one fell swoop. She wanted all of them to be right, and on her idea no less! Why was everyone so sheepish? They were on the school grounds, there was no reason to play it safe. The Scribe wanted to contest the decision, but Katerina was one of Willow's friends. She'd probably just hit her, and Drysi had only one set of glasses. There was no time to debate with the meaty fists and foreheads of brutes.

Thinking about it only seemed to frustrate the Triclops, so she cast her hand in the direction of the of the path her stone dictated was the correct one. "Fine, we'll do it your way. I'll take our future gardener and the rubix cube."

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Re: [Episode 1] A Practical Morning Exercise

Post by Gwathdraug » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:57 pm

Vrey fell from her tree in a manner that - from one moment to the next - she had been in the tree and then she was on her back down on the ground with her legs curled and askew in the air. The odd teen let her both her arms and legs thump heavily against the ground as she stretched her body with enough force to drive small puffs of dirt ahead of each tense motion.

The girl stared up at the sky with her entire body's countenance rigid and then deflated and relaxed with a long huff.

"We should await. Day and night pass but do not fast: gobbling against both the tock-tock of impatience and our blanket green." Vrey moved her head, chin and cheek scraping into the soil, so she could look down one of the well shaded paths the group was going to split down. "Frost bit-" The bald girl clacked her teeth together as she spoke. "-our maze would reveal much to the grey."

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