[Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

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Once at the fountain, Johann shivered, staring off toward the gate, scrutinizing the essences that stretched out from the school. It was the first he'd felt of it, this macabre magic he consorted with, since coming to the school. He completely missed the conversation, and only returned to the present when Kat took off in the same direction. A chill spiked down his spine at the image Kat bounding away toward that dread sensation. It stirred a forgotten quagmire of emotion that he quickly tried to run away from.

"WAIT, KAT!" he shouted, arm outstretched, and stealth entirely forgotten. Then, quieter, he told the others, "I mmmmean... We should go sllllllow." He shrugged as if trying to hide his face, which he was. Chuffy was wagging happily from his recent attention and his body language told Johann that he also wished to follow the trail. I don't like this.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

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Following Johann's outburst came an even less stealthy outburst.

"Yeah, what's the-- how you say-- rush? It's not like it's life or death here," Manon came bouncing down towards them atop a large ball, balancing herself atop it as she back-wheeled the orb forward. She trailed after them as the group pressed after the school. "Besides, it's quite rude to leave Vrey behind like that."

The clown spent a moment wavering back and forth on her ball, seeing Johann. She fished in the folds of her frills, but thought better of it. Especially as they rounded to see the front gate of the school. There was a woman standing at the recently remodeled entryway with black hair. She didn't look like a teacher. She seemed to be arguing with someone on the other side of the gate.

"Dear watchman, your protagonism in the name of the protection of this estate inspires a great mood within me," esteemed the woman, aiming to speak further before a rock shot upward and struck her in the forehead. "AUUGH!"

She cupped head with both her hands, "But your immaturity in the execution of your duty leaves much to be desired! I have an invitation, I am supposed to be here despite whatever personal opinion you possess. Now stop making a fool of me!"

As the group approached, they saw she was speaking to the bullish dwarf creature that had taken up guarding the front gate. Most days he rested within the pyre above the gate as a flickering flame, but the stout, armored creature had come down to contest the woman's entry. Sensing them, the two of them looked in their direction.

The woman was a triclops, with a set of brilliant, blue eyes, one of which had been blackened by a rock.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

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Willow perked up as the group seemed to have found a trail to follow. Moving quickly behind the move experienced of the group of novice mages, it wasn't long before she heard the commotion at the gate. The schools second newest watchdog was hard at work it seemed as the armored gremlin harassed an interloper. While her first instinct was to hide the group away to try and maintain some level of stealth, the situation changed. For one, perhaps Aurus had noticed something, for two, the two entities had noticed the students, and for three, the woman was a triclops! As Drysi was the only triclops Willow had ever met, the presence of a second one must obviously mean the two are connected, and possibly even related.

"Hey hey! Are you a Maelgwyn?" the Brit asked subtly.
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