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Re: [Chapter 1.3] A Theater of Gods

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 6:50 pm
by Kokuten
There was a deep, raspy inhale heard from Aurus' form, the withdraw of air caused hoarfrost to build upon the crags of his armor. He seemed unresponsive as the revelations shown to the group appeared to dawn new realities in their minds. Then, a fiery exhale exhausted from the god, stirring up the dust and air around his massive frame and igniting the glow in his body once more. The blade that was still buried away from him fell into pieces and another, similar in form formed at his side.

Heat rose in this oddly cosmological space.

"My armor was glorious iron," answered Aurus, raising his blades to greet Dyrnwyn, "few remember its shine. Few remember the shade of my skin. The mantle of my hair. The color of my eyes."

A cruel chuckle bubbled from deep with the grill of his mouth. "Memories. Such fragile, weak things. Even the most painful memories can be altered if you give the bearer something they want to believe. With enough power, in a place such as the Land of Mist and Dreams, memories are malleable, simple things in those that sleep... and in the dead."

Aurus turned his body up, raising his blades in a ready stance. "The Black One. A simple reversal was all that was necessary. With a small breath of life, she came to being again bred with a fear that was easy to manipulate, and... thanks to you, a sense of guilt that was easy to predict. She has served my purpose, then and now, but it appears she managed to tug your weak hearts enough to avoid being properly disposed."

"Do not expect the same mercy from me."

His legs warped into a ready stance, and he rushed forward with the speed of a wild duelist, defying his massive form. Wrath crashed into Dyrnwyn with a horrid clash that sounded like two cars colliding, but the Fire God spun around putting the guard to his back to swing Fury to a different target.

Jane, the least wounded, the first challenger, who had a look in her eyes that this incarnation of Aurus reviled.

Even with her swift reaction time, Aurus' blade was almost as tall as he, and it caught her stomach, rending up to the chest with the force of a truck. Fury pressed into her, but a familiar shield flickered, absorbing the cutting edge and leaving for her just the force of the blow. Her chest nearly caved in under the pressure and she could feel a rib buckling underneath before she was flung meters away into the dusty landscape.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:18 am
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
It's never simple, she reminded herself just before Fury burst toward them. She could never have predicted such speed, and only had time to start thinking of a backroll before the blade slammed into her like a solid bar of concrete, just beneath the arms she had brought up to her face. Her body and duster folded over the blade before they were launched unceremoniously through the air.

The roll was the worst part. Tumbling over and over again, always onto that broken rib. Pain had never before been so excruciating; pain had never before rent Lightning from her hands. This time it had taken both and left them ten paces from where she lay. Immediately she knew she would lay there several seconds more. Six-count, make it a six-count, she demanded of herself, knowing full well that even ten was a long shot. But steel is steel, even after you hit it with a transport truck, and Jane's will simply couldn't falter.

One. Jane's breath hitched several times. Find the rhythm, she ordered her body.

Two. She found the strength and the rhythm. It stung her eyes with tears at first, but she knew it was right. Well, right as a breathing under threat of stabbing yourself with your own skeleton.

Three. The gunslinger emptied her mind of everything, but breathing. Then she added her position. Face down in moon dust. Then she added her Lightnings. Ten paces, in the direction of Aurus and the Riley-Knight.

Four. Back to just breathing. In. Out. In. Out.

Five. Calamity Jane Smith opened her eyes, and performed the most impossible push up of her life. She cried out, calling on adrenaline to give her the surge she needed.

Six. One leg found its way beneath her. A dusted glove planted on her knee like chalk-white crime scene evidence straightened her out. And she pushed. And she shouted.

And she rose.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:25 am
by Gwathdraug
Flames guttered forth from Dyrnwyn's pommel, wrapping about the white handle and the hand holding it before erupting from the surface of the red blade in a burst of indigo. Riley had steadied her weapon with a plate-covered grip holding the flat of her blade as Aurus's struck out with the force of a two-tonne. The explosion reaching out from her sword as it and Wrath made contact kept a bind from occurring - propelling the stage magician backwards as her opponent spun to strike at Jane.

As the gunslinger was sent flying all Riley's only thought was that Aurus was still in the range of everyone else. He could still make an effort to reap any of the unarmoured targets scattered about the desolate battleground. Shifting her blade down to cover her chest Riley rushed the god - her shoulder and much of her upper body slamming against the fiery being to push him back.

Then, sprouted from out of the contrasting flames warring between the two giants, the stage magician's clone skittered and scampered across Aurus's shoulders in a series of leaps and grabs that screeched as claws sparked off iron. With a wordless snarl the most bestial of the three armoured figures sunk a talon'd hand - heated a searing white - into one of the crack's in the war god's armour. Ropes of fire began to rise from out of the wound before disappearing into the inky shadows covering the phantom.

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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:01 am
by Kai
Almost before Miyuki was ready, Aurus struck forth. With a thunderous clash, then a brutal smash sending Jane flying, Miyuki knew that she would need to bring everything she had to bear into this fight. Taking the momentary lapse in which the black god of war was busy fighting others, Miyuki concentrated, summoning a mantle of Ice around her, which quickly formed into a suit of armor. Not as big as Aurus, or as decorous as Riley's, however, this suit of armor didn't have the normal pristine, transparent sheen of the armor she normally made for herself, instead, this Ice was clouded, opaque, without the mirror shine exterior. it almost seemed as if it was made of metal rather than Ice, and perhaps, there was more to it than simply Ice after all. Those who were quite observant or knowledgeable would realize it was a form of Pykrete; an alloy of Ice and fibers that made an incredibly tough and formidable armor.

With the armor made, Miyuki took the arctic key and laid it at her hip, as if she were about to draw it from a scabbard. Along with this, she had produced a Gem from the pouch she wore attached to her belt- a blue Gem, the Babylon Sapphire. If Aurus was mostly a being of fire and earth, then water would be the best way to deal with him. Finding what appeared to be a compatible space in the key, Miyuki slotted the Gem and then drew the Key like a sword from her hip, readying herself to fight.

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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:46 pm
by Straken
If there was one thing to be said, Ruarc wore the coat and hat much better now than he did when he was a teenager. He filled the outfit well, and with the boost he had received he felt good. Squaring his shoulders as Aurus began speaking again Ruarc's body language had shifted considerably, and he also wore a smirk. "I'm Holmes on this one, ya Welsh prick."

Soon enough, Aurus launched his attack, but the strike was fast and the target was surprising. Ruarc immediately started running off to Aurus' side. Ruarc began to chant as he ran holding his staff out in a warding gesture; and with his other hand he raised the gauntlet, a new rune in hand. The symbol that formed was shock. Normally a taser while in it stone form, the druid poured energy into the symbol on his knuckle and pointed at Aurus' leg. It was a fun exercise in its own way, channeling a spell while energizing a rune. By the time he got to a good angle and a short distance behind the vengeful god, Ruarc planted his staff in the ground. "Bescherm de kudde!"

A shimmering wave of energy sprung forth in front of him as Ruarc prepared to launch more runes. He was bound and determined to keep the attacks either on him or the knight. He had to stay on his toes though, against Aurus his ward could possibly dampen a blow, but there is no way it could take a full strike.

Laoise had a pang of fear, and a bit of excitement as battle began. Prepared this time around, the familiar flapped her wings to see how well she could fly in this form. As she rose she began to sing. Soft and melodic, she would fill her friends with serenity and quit fears born from this intimidating foe.

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Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:17 am
by Kokuten
As their strikes landed, the serpent above moved, barely. A god-eater was a mythical creature, Jormungandr was the most famous of them, its poison slaying Thor even after the warrior had bested it. Those fangs were poised to strike, but just as it moved, the pillar contorted. Each strike seemed to press play on a deadly dance.

Jane's vision was colored with pain, the pain of an injury that would have killed lesser men outright. She saw the flutter of wings as her squire chased after her, escaping the deadly range of Aurus. Akanus snatched up her pistols, strafing them up and holding them in his arms. The rifle he had carried was rattling off a strap on his back as he rushed to her. At her feet, the knight came to a knee, raising the guns up to her in reverence.

She heard Eryl's voice again, but this time it did not come from the sky, but behind her, from the space where they appeared.

"Hal! O Doktom O Growt!"

The sound of a bell tolled, and they could see Aulan with the Triclops, who stood with the staff of the Elementalia, Unity, and a small green figure, Modeka. The miniature goddess of healing took a few bouncing steps forth and raised her hands, blasting ethereal energies upon Jane that carried a sweet-smelling wind. A discomforting sensation filled her chest as her rib wormed back into place.

Eryl looked only slightly better as she ran over to Jane, her injuries appeared healed, but her robes were still bloody and torn. She looked confused, as confused as Aulan seemed to be, but she merely asked, "What can I do?"

Meanwhile, the scene played its violent course, Aurus was a raging bull, and he hissed fire as he was pressed off balance. There had been risk in removing the gunslinger from the fight, and Aurus was not one for risks, but threats had to be eliminated in due course. Riley watched him stumble, before one side of him locked up suddenly under Ruarc's barrage. The advantage seemed to be with them as Erin fed upon his energies, but that shifted as his other leg moved.

With a shift, he disengaged from Riley, dropping one of the blades. The free, massive, metal claw reached around and snatched Erin off of him, and in the same motion he spun around and slammed her body into the ground. She struck the flat surface hard enough to leave an imprint into the dust. The black knight rolled through the motion, swinging his blade back at Riley in order to dead-lock them again.

As he turned to face them, the helmet was gone. As Laoise began to sing, as with all of the other shades, Aurus' visage had changed.

Seated in the collar of black, brimstone armor was the face of a man, features burning under the protection of an open-faced helm. Two horns curled up from his head, under them wild eyebrows and red eyes painted on a canvas of tanned leathery skin. The thrill of battle morphed the features into an animal grin, filled with teeth and ferocity. They could all see it, but it was especially Ruarc who noticed the last feature right before the blade-locked Aurus turned to breath a gout of molten slag in his direction.

A brown goatee on the god's chin, shaped into a spike.

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Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:58 am
by Gwathdraug
The off-coloured earth of the twilit battlefield splintered and cracked as the phantom's inhuman shape was buried by Aurus's blow. Debris and dust hung in the air as thick and as blinding as loose sand in a storm. From behind this curtain of destruction a single, loud roar echoed out as if it had been released from the mouth of a dragon.

In between the locked blades of the War God and the faceless knight the stage magician's shadow squirmed and lifted from ground as a liquid released. With a surge the tendrils wrapped about the red armoured figure and then disappeared her. Aurus's blade, deprived of the resistance that had faced it so far, was now driving towards the ground - and the ground just as quickly yawned upward to catch the weapon between newly formed teeth.

Tossed there as easy as a scrap of paper in the wind, the canine knight stepped out of the god's shadow. The two figures where as close as lovers with no space for a blade strike between them, but Dyrnwyn's flames still heeded their wielder's call. Fire wheeled and sparked going from hand to wrist, to shoulder and further until one entire side of Riley's construct was painted a wild, dancing blue. The knight's armoured knee struck heavily against the soft joint of Aurus's own knee and there was scarce a moment for the crash of metal on metal to ring out before the flames wreathing the knight flickered - dying - then reformed at the point of contact between the two combatants before exploding.

The deep crumpt of the unleashed energy sent more dust into the air and air swirled about wildly as it was displaced.

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Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 5:13 am
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
The gunslinger had been reduced to tightly wound muscle around a core of agony. Existence had become pain punctuated by brief moments of singular action. Pain, breathe. Pain, look around. Pain, think. Her lightning mind and thunderous hands had been reduced to slugs worming through excruciating molasses.

Dekanus, bless him, collected her twin Colts and delivered them, albeit with some unnecessary piety. Pain, smile. Pain, take them. Pain, speak. "Thank ye, sai."

Then there were words- an incantation- in a voice she ought not to have heard. Turning around would be far too excruciating, but as she finished the thought a gust of pine, cinnamon, and orange orchards threatened to knock her off her feet and twist her guts. She lurched at the sensation of her shifting bone, then sighed deep with relief as the clenching knot of tearing muscle worked free. She could summon a full breath once more.

Revivified, Jane shot a cocky smile at Eryl. "Mizz Maelgwyn, jus keep us softer folks shielded." Then she glanced at Dekanus. "Sai, keep aloft n defend yer kin," She nodded toward Aulan, Modeka, and Eryl.

Leather creaked as her hands squeezed sandalwood grips tightly, as if reassuring herself with their presence. She couldn't move like she normally might, but she was mobile; she couldn't fight like she normally might, but she was still in the fight; she couldn't beat Aurus's face in like she wanted to, but she could make sure he was properly beaten.

"Les go ta work." Two hands rose, like a conductor's wand; two feet tapped out a staccato bop across the pale dust, on a circular path; two hammers heralded the return of percussion to the battlefield orchestra.

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Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:17 pm
by Kai
Miyuki took a moment of the battle to close her eyes. she breathed in, deeply, just in time for the scent from Modeka's powers to just barely waft into her nose. Meant for Jane, there wasn't enough of them to do much to Miyuki besides help clear her mind. She pulled upward, unsheathing the weapon that her mind was forming. It wasn't her usual Katana, but rather a type of polearm, an ornate Halberd. The blade was of ice, and the shaft made from the arctic Key, it gleamed and seemed to almost pulse with energy beyond that of which its mostly slender shape would suggest. Indeed, there seemed to be a flow within it, almost of glowing waters, powered by the Babylon gemstone which the Ice Queen had fitted to the key.

Thus armed, Miyuki decided to make her move. While Aurus was distracted fighting the others, she made her charge. No shouts, screams, or impassioned yells accompanied the charge, just silent determination. She was looking for a weak spot, the send the Halberd home to a place where it could do the most damage to this fiery god of violence and war, where it could be used to cool his flames, and stop the flow of molten Lava.

The movements of Jormungandr had not been lost on her, nor their timing. She knew that it was likely a foe they would have to face after Aurus, and so, she desired to defeat the god swiftly, so that the next battle would not find them completely exhausted. almost without realizing it as well, she had activated the gemstone's power to help in this endeavor. a wave of water sprang forth from nowhere behind her, lending its strength and ferocity to the charge, adding all the more to the Strike with which Miyuki intended to end the battle swiftly.