[Episode 0.75 v2] Class is in Session, Witches!

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Episode 0.75 v2] Class is in Session, Witches!

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:13 am

The highlight of the next round of suggestions was that Jane had managed to pull Vrey into participating. It was inevitable, of course, but better now than later. She quickly jotted everything down: Handmade, Magic origin, Occupied?, IKEA? She wrote question marks on the last two because of the dubious nature of Vrey's suggestion and her ignorance of IKEA. "This is a good list. Now the question is: why'd we do all that? Two reasons. Part of intuition is rapid deduction. Putting 'gether pieces ye mightn't noticed immediately. How there ain't no bolts: the pieces were shaped to interlock tight, which ain't a factry procedure. The wood's dim aura of magic. It's resemblance to mundane furniture." Her eyes fell to Vrey as she spoke her next sentence. "And detecting the minor spirit that occupies it."

She paused to let them all consider these things before pressing onto the lecture. "This process, this rapid analysis, is one o' the key skills yer here t'learn. Another is parsin what good all that random bulls--" she caught herself quickly and resumed, "--the value of all that random bullcrap."

"So, what is the value of everythin we know now?" Jane gesticulated toward the young scribe with an open hand, "A solid surface'll make her inscriptions more powerful. Mahogany is a very effective conduit for that magic. As it is imbued with magic, any inscriptions'll be further amplified." Now she motioned to the elementalist. "Its magic means the desk ain't gon light up like a Christmas tree if ye try 'n burn it. It's got some resistances that ye'll have to overcome or work 'round." She indicated the druid next. "Magically infused wood gon take runes real well too, and bolster any spells you give it." Finally, she came to the bald girl. "And with a spirit contained... Ye could make an ally."

"This is the goal of the class. Teachin you to rapidly evaluate situations in terms of yer magic. What else does this desk mean for y'all?"

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Re: [Episode 0.75 v2] Class is in Session, Witches!

Post by Kai » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:43 pm

Kat was unsure of what to make of Vrey's reaction to the desk, and acted a bit shocked, actually, having never seen someone stare down a desk like that and have such a negative reaction- it was almost as if the hairless girl had lost the staring contest and was upset about it. Still, Willow's answer was probably the most humorous. A desk from IKEA? Certainly the Swedish company made many a desk, but Katerina was quite sure there was nothing magical about them, aside from their ability to sell so many products at such a discounted price.

Regardless, their instructor was beginning to move on, and it seemed that they might actually be getting to the meat of the class, finally. Another question. What does this desk mean for y'all? What indeed? Kat thought about it a moment. Most of her other encounters with instructors and even the guild members here at Safeholme had much more to do with the practical side of magic, this intuition, observation, and deduction was giving her quite the mental strain.

"A Desk is like a home base. It is a place to gather your thoughts and ideas, and commit them to some physical form, whether it be in the form of writing on a paper, or typing into a computer, or even art or music. A Desk is a place where the intangible can become tangible."

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Re: [Episode 0.75 v2] Class is in Session, Witches!

Post by Kokuten » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:02 pm

Drysi's mouth narrowed into a sharp smile as her interest began to build in the way the class progressed. She had her doubts at the start, and had already written off the concept of 'intuition' class. Yet getting a positive response and rational train of thought to the methods that Ms. Smith employed helped pique her interest. She began to get excited, wiggling her bottom in her chair as her brain began to conjure another fast fire answer for what the teacher asked for. All three of her eyes gave the desk a very focused look, as if to glean something important off its surface in its meaning to her.

"You could make it a very convenient trap for snoops seeking to find your secrets," menaced Drysi, her sharp smile splitting into teeth, "An enchanted desk would amplify the inscriptions upon it to make it's reactions painful for anyone trying to violate your sanctum."

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