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Re: [Chapter 1.2] The Call of the Centrifuge

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:37 pm
by Kai
Awed by what simply grasping Maelstrom had done, Miyuki took her time to analyze the newly completed staff as the others dealt with the orb; and the fiery godette that came forth from it. Normally quick to react, the young woman was stayed when instead Riley's double handled the situation instead.

"Odd that I'm given a stave inscribed about not needing or using a sword, considering that's what I normally do..." she mumbled to herself, planting the now rather tall staff in the ground for a moment before striding back closer to the group. She remained quiet for the time being but made her presence known by emanating a slight chill; hopefully to aid in cooling down the multiple hot-headed individuals in their group- not that she had much to say; Ice queen or no she was probably just as hot-headed as the rest of them.

"Perhaps instead of discussing our new friend, we should instead head for our destination. We haven't much time and I'm certain we will come across more roadblocks along the way."