[Chapter 1.2] The Call of the Centrifuge

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Chapter 1.2] The Call of the Centrifuge

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A gout of fire burst around Riley as both the flames and her clone hissed in unison. Anger - enough for the both of them - pressed in against the connection between the magician and her partner. The sudden rage wrapped itself around Riley's dulled senses, hiding the pain, but her jaw still set itself hard - her teeth clacking together in a sharp bite in response to the unexpected violence. The brown haired woman could feel the words, the accusation - the 'YOU' - that her clone fought to call out but couldn't find the ground to manifest.

Unable to share in the sudden weight of anger Riley pushed forward with the emotional fog that the fight with Doubt had left crowding her head. The clone first shook its head, then lowered it breaking the eye contact it had been maintaining with the godling before it. The flames snuffed themselves out as sudden as they had appeared leaving behind a matching set of magical burns across both Riley's that seeped with tendrils of steam until both that heat and the wounds themself dwindled to nothing. The only mark that remained of the altercation were thing, bloody lines in the shape of a hand scratched across where the clone had gripped at the arm Riley was holding her copy with.

Shrugging off the hold that the stage magician had over it, the doppelganger turned to her copy. "You - you can deal with..." The other Riley seemed to struggle with its words again as the muscles across its neck went taut and her one visible eye drifted towards her periphery - towards Aulan. "-this." As the last word was hissed out the clone slipped underneath Riley's shoulder and stalked towards an open space between the different groups.

Riley, rubbing at a spot that had just been covered in burns, watched the other Riley for a moment before turning towards Aulan with half a crooked smile on the back of half a crooked shrug.

"Percival Caxton is alive as long as you're alive." The stage magician's tone was blunt and contrasted with her earlier apologetics. "We're making a bet-" As she spoke Riley lifted one finger above her head and circled it about to include everyone around them. "-either Percival Caxton dies and everyone here is killed by that death before we'd even realise it or-" The finger came down and poked solidly into the center of the godling's forehead. "-we work together to save you and everyone else here so that he can get better." The brown haired woman cocked her head to the side as she pulled her arm back to rest against her knees where she was squatting. "We broke a lot of things last time because we didn't think to care about anyone but Percy. So, at the least, I would very much appreciate any help you have to prevent from at least this one poor mage from drowning in future apologies."

The finger came back up as Riley poked herself squarely in her own forehead.

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Re: [Chapter 1.2] The Call of the Centrifuge

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Jane parsed Eryl's words slower than she would care to admit, which was due in large part to the fact that she didn't much care for the implication. He's intimidated by me. Of course, that wasn't the part she didn't like. She appreciated the men in her life having at least a twinge of fear- and villains beware. Before she could confront the more uncomfortable message, she had another, much more powerful realization: He wants my approval.

With a cocksure grin that was only slightly forced, she answered the triclops: "I got y'all don' I?" Before Eryl could press the point, Jane raised a gloved hand. "Ye can psychoanalyze me later. Not here."

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Re: [Chapter 1.2] The Call of the Centrifuge

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Aulan blinked her eyes, the tears spilling off of her cheeks onto the Spriggans below her. Those words seem to give her a measure of hope, but the anguish that crept behind her eyes were washed away in a wave of confusion.

"This can't happen unless the font has died," Aulan insisted, her eyes traded back and forth between the two Rileys, "This doesn't happen until the connection is severed, until the Font has gone entirely, that's what causes the world to crumble. The link has to be cut first. Something else must be wrong. Like when the witch rose to power here and tried to take Percy's soul for her escape."

The 'witch' furrowed her brow, her three eyes cutting away from Jane a moment, wishing everyone wouldn't bring up her cardinal sin every five minutes. She quickly whirled back around on Jane, a small but devious smile on her face.

"Is that an invitation, Lady Smith? I haven't called upon a friend in such a long time, I would quite enjoy that," Eryl leaned over as she spoke, nearly knocking off the Spriggan sharing the saddle with her. She righted herself again, patting No-Name's mane, "I would love to see this fine fellow again too, he's so handsome. I quite love horses you know; that's why you found me in the stables. I was going to come to the front door, but I heard the horses."

The sound of hoofbeats rumbled off in the distance, cutting off their conversation. Thunder began to rumble in the skies, as if to herald the challenge ahead. Some of the Spriggans began to tremble, their heads rattling all at once, Laoise could make out words that meant, "Wind", all spoken in fear.

"Ms. Kagami," groaned Jakku resting at the woman's shoulder, she had been quietly recovering in the trip, "something is controlling the weather."

A figure crossed the road ahead, four legs beating against the cobblestones. The small creatures gathered around the party began to falter, but the a loud rattle from the beetle warrior in the fore helped them keep their cohesion. A loud crack sounded off from the four-legged figure, a gunshot. Jane recognized it as a rifle shot, but wouldn't be fast enough to answer as the beetle warrior was struck. Instead of penetrating the armor, it seemed toss the Spriggan to the back of the line, caught by its brethren. The beetle warrior recovered, but its armor was completely shattered.

"Shame." The word was spoken with great gravity, as the creature came closer. From the waist up, he was a mauled cavalryman, wearing a mixture of bright military dress and knightly armor. His head was shrouded in sundered metal, with six eyes staring out deeply from the holes made for them. From the waist down, he was a steed of ravaged hides, wounds of old wars marred his form. "How could I stand and watch him murder her? I was not fast enough. Not agile enough. By the time I found my sword, her head rolled upon the floor, the name of the beast barely left her lips. Begone fools, there is no hope here, only shame."

A gasp was heard atop No-Name; Eryl having another spout of melodrama at the reveal of the next deity. Except this time, it was followed by several short breaths.

"Jane," she whimpered.

Atop the horse with Eryl stood the Spriggan riding behind her in the saddle, having buried a large dagger into her back, protruding out of her stomach.

"Feaaaar..." Hissed this Spriggan, before it exploded into ribbons of Shadow, revealing an emaciated figure covered in rags, the 'hood' of its head opening into a gaping maw of teeth. The creature drew a second dagger and ran it across the woman's neck, blinding energy halting the gnarled edge from biting skin as Eryl desperately held it off.

"Consume. Do you understand... Black One? I must. I could do nothing but hide, it consumed me. I will consume you."

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