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Magic Items

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:51 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
A list of Magic Items introduced to OM. The list is sorted here by type.

Ancestral Tome
Gauntlets of Caradoc
Rune Stones


Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:52 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
====== Ancestral Tome ======
The Ancestral tome is a large, leather-bound book containing the entire written history the Celtic tribes of Northern Ireland. The book measures nineteen inches up the spine, thirteen inches in width, almost six inches thick, and weighs just less than thirty pounds. The edges and spine of the book are gilded with segmented iron, bronze, and nickel plates. Another iron plate runs across the center of the front cover, and cast into the iron are a variety of rune markings.
The Tome is passed down from one Keeper to the next when the old Keeper either passes away or forfeits the rite. The next Keeper in line is named when they turn fifteen, at which point they study runology and they people's history. They do not typically become the official Keeper until later on in life. Ruarc however took over at age fifteen when he was named due to his father forfeiting the position.
The Tome is filled with thousands of pages, and countless entries that have been added by Keepers past. Each entry is write in different styles, dialects, and handwriting which make deciphering all the entries a life long endeavor.

== Gauntlets of Caradoc ==

The Gauntlets of Caradoc are a possession and magical limiter of [[nc:character:Vrey Hallinel]]. They allow her to interact with the world without having her natural ability, [[nc:magic:Flux]], uncontrollably mutating everything she comes into contact with. The Gauntlets were originally property of the [[NC:factions:Occultus Magica]] and the organization requires that Vrey wear them for everything but the most dire of combat situations.\\

The gauntlets are made from brown leather and are somewhere around four-hundred years old, they are well cared for but show their age in the fact that they are sun bleached. They are made of very stiff material, cover the arm up to just before the crook of the elbow and self-adjust to be a tight fit on their wearer - an extremely important factor for their current owner. The gloves provide significant physical protection and regenerate any tears in their material at the cost of the user's mana.\\

The Gauntlets are imprinted with the partial personality of their original owner, the mage Caradoc, and are capable of speech.

**Gauntlet's Abilities**
* Limit the uncontrolled effects of [[nc:magic:Flux]]
* Allows the use of [[nc:magic:Flux]] at significant range at the cost of power and efficiency
* Speech
* Physical protection equivalent to that of steel armour

====== Rune Stones ======
The use of Rune Stones is an ancient tradition of the Celtic people, and produce some of the most effective stones and charms. Centered around the Celtic belief that magic flows through everything in the material world, and by engraving a rune into an object you are giving the object's magic a medium through which to affect the material world. Runes can be placed on most anything so long as the rune can hold its shape, and the stones can have a wide variety of effects depending on what runes are used and the combination in which they are written.
The most common medium seen are flat, disc shaped rocks, but runes may also be engraved upon weapons for added damage, armor for extra defense and durability, or stitched into clothing and charms to give positive or negative results.
It is believed that most anyone has the ability to use active rune stones so long as they have sufficient magical proficiency, but magical abilities are not required to feel the effects of passive stones.