Minor Dramatis Personae

Set in a modern world, with a hidden layer to society- a Magical one. Myths, legends, and fantasy are all true, hidden under a veil of secrecy to keep the non-magical people ignorantly safe from it all.
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Minor Dramatis Personae

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A spot for the Minor Characters we develop and some important details if they need to come up later.

  • Tanaka Chinami - Student - A student shugenja who summons spirits. Japanese. Hime-cut hair, a big forehead with small eyebrows and piercing eyes. Thin frame.
    "Mooouu..." groaned the small-browed girl in the commons, hazarding a hand into her straight, black hair. She sat on one end of the common-room, occupying the couch as if it were all hers, and yet crowded upon it all at the same time. Her fingers seemed to scratch her ears, before a small kitsune-spirit poked its nose from under her hair, chasing the retreating digits into the open. The skittish little spirit fell into her lap, immediately turning over on its back expectantly. "Sonuruwi, how are you so calm? Today was so stressful. I could barely keep up with all the talking heads, and I've actually spoken to talking heads before."
  • Sun Liu Wei - Student - A monk who uses ki to enhance his body. Chinese. Bald with with somewhat cut features, he has a wide nose, and dark eyes. Built frame.
    The girl's brows fell lower as her lips rose into a noticeable pout, the spirit in her lap curled at her fingers, and spat a small gout of flame harmlessly. "Why do you keep saying my name like that, you know my name. It's Chinami. Chi. Na. Mi."

    "Until you learn my name is Sun Yiu Wei."

    "Sonryuwe. Er... That's too much... Can't you shorten it?"

    "You may call me Yiu Wei, that is my given name."

    A heated blush spread on the girl's face, bunching a fist at her knee, the fox rose its head lazily. "That's too forward!"

    "Sun, then."
The Caxton Family
  • Elizabeth Caxton - Percy's Mother - A powerful fire and lightning thaumaturge, she is a stern and very loving lady, but she can sometimes be a bit overbearing.
    When she walked in, there was a certain astonishing aura that gripped everyone in the room, as if the flames of her personality licked and ebbed over their own minds. Miller could feel it, as could his other presence. Miyuki felt somewhat pressured, as if her innate element was being repulsed slightly. The others could see it in her hair, a vibrant flow that appeared to resemble the very element her personality imposed. Her eyes were a bright green, and they quickly gathered everyone up in the room with its lightning, arcing over to each and every person like they were being chained under it. She had fair skin, somewhat ripened by age, yet tendered by years of love. Her body was a very slight hourglass, tone and build suggesting a certain athleticism that had seen and intense amount rigor, but not for a long time.
  • Alistair Caxton - Percy's Father - A incredibly unassuming earth and ice evoker, those that knew him steer clear, and those that don't find him rather unimpressive next to his wife.
    It was a draugr, standing tall at almost six feet. The skin, what was left of it, had a deathly pallor to it, with an odd shade of blue. He wore rusted armor, and wielded a rusty sword, which he kept planted in the floor, guarding an ancient tomb. Alistar, Percival's father, seemed to have no fear of the ancient warrior. Percival couldn't make himself step beyond the stone he had taken cover beside, the undead were frightening, especially this one.

    The draugr turned his skin-laid, eyeless skull to Alistar as he approached.

    "ϢϴЅЋϬϤ ϰϙϢϹЗњ ѩЭвЖӔף." The draugr hummed his words of an unopening, half-toothless mouth. Percival could sense it, the draug was warning them not to approach. Yet, Alistar rose his hands and spoke.

    "ҾҹѮ, Ï ÏšÏžÏ˜Ï›Ï— бϐϭ ѫЭЍЁ."

    Those words Percival had never heard his father practice before, yet he spoke them fluidly. Seconds went by, and the longer the draug stayed silent, the more tense the young boy got.

    "ÏœÏžÏ ." spoke the Draugr, stepping aside. Alistar turned to look at Percival, smiling.

    "Percy, this here is Svagnir. He's a friend."
The Maelgwyn Family
  • Eryl Maelgwyn - Ancient Matriarch - The Black Triclops. She was once a feared acolyte of mages in the 1800s, but fate has cast her into the present. She is a powerful Abjurer, but finds it difficult to shield herself from people.
    Her eyes caught the whip of a lengthy coat in the gloom of the small structure. An illusionary magic misted the intruder, though they were not trying too hard to hide themselves, judging by how light the spell was. From the hard-shadowed corner opened a set of eyes, three eyes, that almost glowed a blue color. The image of a young woman spread from the edges of the eyes until she was completely revealed. Slender, almost as tall as Jane, with a head of wavy black hair that flowed over her shoulders. There was a look in her eyes that reminded her of one of her students.

    A mage had snuck into her stable, one that didn't blend well with regular society, judging by the long coat and flowing sleeves. She seemed to stare at Jane with a careful, analyzing look, a slender hand passing over and refusing to hover above a driftwood wand. Instead she brought her hands together, and offered a calculated parley.
  • Eckert Maelgwyn - Drysi's Father - A son of one of the lesser branches of the Maelgwyn family, he owns a stationery store which is also a front as a magic items store.
  • Wynne Maelgwyn - Drysi's Mother - The odd paper witch which married into a family of Triclopsi, she is a simple woman, with a deceptive amount of patience.
    "So you are... the owner? Er... headmaster?" Wynne tried to make sense of Ruarc's rational sentences, it showed on her face. Her fingers drummed on the table a moment before she took a break to speak, but awkwardly held up a hand to indicate she wasn't done.


    "Ehem, if that is the case... then I would like to, ah, discuss something-- uhm... someone," after straightening herself out, "Our daughter-- er... As in, ours... as in, mine and my husband's."

    She chuckled nervously, before taking another sample of her tea, "Drysi. Ahm, Drysi Maelgwyn. She has been registered as a student here, and I... er... we- My husband and I, were hoping to discuss an issue?" That turned into a question at the end, and corrected herself, "A matter. With our daughter's education. Er, specifically the one... she is... er... seeking here."
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