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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:06 am
by Revolver
<Revolver> Well, what is the villian group's goals, then?
<@CadetNewb> We simply don't know; we haven't gotten that far.
<Revolver> :I
<Revolver> Well, that's not very helpful!
<@CadetNewb> Nope! That's why my character's being an asshole and giving Kai a hard time! He wants answers!
* Revolver grumblecakes.
<@CadetNewb> XD
<@Kai> you're now added to the souper-awesome group that can actually post.
<Grumblecakes> Yay!
<Grumblecakes> Can I be added to the super-awesome Grumblecakes group, too? :>
<@Kai> I don't believe one exists, sorry.
<@CadetNewb> XD
<@Kai> you can be the president, though.
<Grumblecakes> President Grumblecakes.