Hymn Background Races!

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Hymn Background Races!

Post by Kai » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:58 pm

Okay folks, I'm really looking at fleshing out the Hymn 'verse. I don't need huge deposition on anything, Just a name, basic physical description, and a couple sentences to a paragraph on important information about said race. The point here is to try and get a lot of diversity so that we have some more stuff to draw from than just the Terrans, Drathonians, Altresians, Ottyo, and Seflaurinds. having a more varied population will give us a neat flavor, as well as help to inspire some of the plot, depending on what you guys come up with. I will start with an example, and a template to follow.


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Important information:

Race: Sabeline
Description: Humanoid race, roughly 2 meters tall, typically darker skin tones ranging from blue and purple to mahogany
Important Information: Sabeline are considered a vampiric race, that is, they are Hemophiles, and tend to drink blood, although they also have a normal omnivorous diet. Long lifespans tend to be the norm, and they have a strict adherence to hierarchical structures in society. They take orders very well.

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Re: Hymn Background Races!

Post by Straken » Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:11 pm

Race: Chattaan
Description: Chattaanites can come in one of two main varieties. The first is a small, stout version with a max height of around three to four feet. The second is a large, burly version with heights of around eight to ten feet. Both types have rough, almost leathery gray skin, but the larger Chattaanite will also develop thicker patches of skin that almost resemble rough tree bark which grow out over vital areas. The larger Chattaans will also frequently have protruding tusks that jut out a little ways from their lower row of teeth.
Important information: Chattaans evolved on a planet of harsh elements, which is what led to their often frightening, or at least jarring, appearance. More than one layman Terran has been head referring to Chattaanites as trolls, giants, or even dwarves.

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