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Dramatis Personae

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:45 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
Specialist Cormac Flynn, Magiteknician
PFC Niall Callaghan, Grunt
Staff Sergeant Camilla Enos, Heavy Ordnance Operative

1st Lt August Kerning
1st Lt Cecil Sampson
2nd Lt Rally Thomas

===Additional Crew===

Character Profile Shell

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:47 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
====== NAME HERE ======

Motto and Motif optional.

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:]]
* **Age:**
* **Height:**
* **Weight:**
* **Species:**
* **[[:Certifications]]:**
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]:**

===== Physical Appearance =====




**Distinguishing Features:**

===== Psychological Characteristics =====




**Goals:** Short-term: Long-term:

===== Family & History =====

Re: Dramatis Personae

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:31 pm
by Kai
====== Niall Callaghan ======

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Kai]]
* **Age:** 20
* **Height:** 5' 10"
* **Weight:**180 lbs
* **Species:** Terran
* **[[:Certifications]]:** Infantry, Marksman.
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]:** Private First Class

===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair:** Short, Brown, Standard Terran Military cut

**Eyes:** Medium Blue eyes

**Body:** Niall is lean but muscular, still fairly fresh from training, and is in the prime of his health

**Distinguishing Features:**

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality:** Niall is calm and a bit reserved, but will get more rowdy when around his friends. He has a tendency to be apprehensive when going through new experiences, but usually remains level-headed once his adrenaline starts flowing. Very friendly, and prone to joking around, he tends to be very agreeable to most people he meets, though he has a hard time forming strong relationships with people.

**Likes:** Breakfast Bears Breakfast bars, Making jokes, antique weapons, hoverbikes.

**Dislikes:** being looked down on, unfamiliar situations, Bearodiles.

**Goals:** Short-term: Survive his first enlistment long enough to decide whether or not he should re-enlist. Long-term: Become a Sergeant Major and lead the UGR Marine Corps; Alternatively, Retire back to Ireshire after seeing the galaxy, settle down and have a peaceful life.

===== Family & History =====
Niall Callaghan comes from an old Irish family that worked hard to retain their ethnic heritage after the destruction of old Terra. One of the first to settle on Terra Fin, they are well established in the well-known suburb of Ireshire outside of Terra Fin city. Niall himself grew up in a very average and unspectacular way, always being overshadowed by his boisterous best friend, Cormac Flynn, whom managed to get the both of them into a bit of trouble on numerous occasions. After going to college for a couple of years, Niall decided he wanted to see the galaxy, and enlisted in the United Galactic Republic Marine Corps, where he has now begun on his adventures in the wider world of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Re: Dramatis Personae

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:01 pm
by Kai
====== Raleigh (Rally) Thomas ======

"Give me a Starfighter, or give me death! Well, maybe not death, but you get the picture."
- Rally Thomas

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Kai]]
* **Age:** 24
* **Height:**5'6"
* **Weight:** 125 lbs
* **Species:** Terran
* **[[:Certifications]]:** Pilot, small craft, combat flight, Galactic Navigation, Zero-gee survival, Planetary survival.
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]:** 2nd Lieutenant

===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair:** Medium length hair, mostly straight, though it can get wavy when left alone. Often pulled back into a messy ponytail, very rarely actually within regulations. Color was originally brown, but has been genetically modified to grow out a pastel blue color.

**Eyes:** Almond shaped with a hint of mischief, their natural color was grown, but, like her hair, Rally's eyes have been genetically modified to appear a different color, in this case, Orange.

**Body:** Rally is thin and lithe, with a fairly small but toned build. she doesn't eat very well but manages to keep herself in shape somehow. Her skin is very pale, as if she doesn't get out much.

**Distinguishing Features:** Blue hair and orange eyes, with pale white skin.

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality:**Rally is typically very lazy by all outward appearances, choosing to take the easiest route to achieve her goals. She is, however very intelligent and capable of solving problems via very simple methods. In truth, she is actually quite active and can often be spotted doing some form of low-impact exercise, as she strives to maintain her figure by becoming neither fat nor muscular. She is extremely enthusiastic about flying, and practically lives to be in the cockpit of a starfighter, to the point that she was willing one buy one from her own funds.

**Likes:** Flying, aerobic exercise, starfighters, solving puzzles

**Dislikes:** hard work, long hours, strict supervisors.

**Goals:** Short-term: to fly her starfighter, as much as possible. Long-term:to Restore the Saber starfighter she purchased from a scrap yard and use it so she can fly for pleasure any time she so desires.

===== Family & History =====
Rally Thomas grew up under the care of very firm, strict parents. They tried to restrict their daughter and control what she could and could not do, causing her to have a rebellious streak. Despite mostly following her parents wishes by going to college and earning numerous degrees, she mostly disappointed them by getting degrees in subjects they did not approve of. When she completed college, Rally ended up joining the UGR Naval officer's academy, finding out she had an aptitude toward piloting spacecraft, soon after which she developed a joy and love of starfighters. After the severity and strictness of her parents, the navy wasn't very difficult for her to handle, causing her true attributes to shine through and allowing her to develop into the person she is now, much to the chagrin of her mother and father back home.

Re: Dramatis Personae

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:39 pm
by Straken
====== Cormac Lawton Flynn ======

"Goooooooood morning, Vietnam!" - as he is hot dropping, literally, down onto a jungle planet with no parachute.

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Straken]]
* **Age: 23**
* **Height: 6' 0"**
* **Weight: 192lbs**
* **Species: Human**
* **[[:Certifications]]: Magitechnician, MagiTek Operator**
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]: Specialist**

===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair: Medium length, auburn hair. Claims it as proof that he was "kissed by fire".**

**Eyes: Sage green eyes.**

**Body: Of good build. Good height, broad shouldered, and fit physique from military conditioning.**

**Distinguishing Features: Dark auburn stubble on his chin.**

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality: Cormac enjoys being the center of attention, and frequently acts out as a means of garnering said attention. Clownish demeanor aside, he is fiercely loyal and incredibly proud, and will fight tooth and nail to defend both. Cormac is incredibly proud of his Irish heritage. With the loss of Earth, he believes that his culture must be preserved and celebrated.**

**Likes: Visiting with friends, spending time in pubs, dark beer, 20th century era movies**

**Dislikes: Losing, boring lectures, IPAs, 22nd century movies**

**Goals:** Short-term: Master using his MTek unit.\\
Long-term: See what mysteries the galaxy has to offer\\

===== Family & History =====

Cormac was born in the colony of Ireshire to a very storied family. As he claims, his family tree goes back thousands of years to the ancient Druids of Ireland. This influenced from a young age to have a fascination with his culture, not just as an Irishman but as a Terran as well. Growing up he immersed himself in old books and family trees, and spent his free time watching and reading movies and books from old archives. This colored his personality, for better or for worse as he wanted to share his hobbies.

As he got older, Cormac heard about new research taking place to create a technological replication of natural forces; or as it was being refered to, Magitechnology. Almost immediately he became focused on, someday, using that technology; if just to feel that much closer to his ancestors. Much to his dismay, it turned out that the technology was being developed by the military, and only a select few individuals with specific certification could qualify, and one of the requirements was to possess a college degree. Despite his love of his culture and history, he had never been an academic, so he thought he was out of luck. Until on day an advisor mentioned that a university on Terra Nova offered a degree in the Arts of the Second Millenia. As rough as college would be, he felt that he would be able to commit himself to it.

Cormac made it into university, and the years passed by as he completed his degree. When finally he graduated, he left his diploma with his parents and immediately went to the recruitment office to apply for the MTek program. His degree got him into the basic training, but he found he would once again need to dedicate himself to learning if he wanted to make the final cut. He had the fitness and performance of the soldiers, but needed to prove he was also capable of contending with the eggheads who were in it for the science aspect. The day came and the final selection was made, and Cormac had made it, if just barely. From that day forward, Cormac felt he was at least one step closer to his ancestors.

Re: Dramatis Personae

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:15 pm
by Straken
====== August Theodore Kerning ======

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Straken]]
* **Age: 25**
* **Height: 5'8"**
* **Weight: 168lbs**
* **Species: Human**
* **[[:Certifications]]: Pilot, small craft, combat flight, Galactic Navigation, Zero-gee survival, Planetary survival, basic command**
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]: 1st Lieutenant**

===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair: Short, caesar cut, ash brown.**

**Eyes: Green eyes.**

**Body: Slight build, reasonable tone, runner's physique.**

**Distinguishing Features: Nothing in particular.**

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality: August is mild mannered and bookish. Perfectly happy to play a supporting role**

**Likes: Flying, exploring new regions, meeting new people, coffee**

**Dislikes: Being judged based on his last name, raw food, the smell of garlic**

**Goals:** Short-term: Survive being in charge of Green Flight.\\
Long-term: Save his family from a vicious cycle \\

===== Family & History =====

August is the youngest descendant of the Kerning family, and since a young age his family expected him to grow up and continue the family tradition of being an accomplished pilot in the airforce. Every day was scheduled right down to how long it should take him to walk home from school to begin his piano lessons, and while he was young he simply accepted it as his purpose. Once he was old enough, he was sent off to a military boarding school that was associated with, and prepared its students for, attending Prestige Valley Air Force Academy; another tradition for Kerning men.

It was once he made it into the Academy that August got his first taste of being his own person. There was still many eyes watching him and his performance, but many of his friends seemed to be fine with treating him as August, rather than as a Kerning. What solidified his drive to make a name for himself beyond the name of his family was, oddly enough, meeting the patriarch of the Kerning family; Steven Kerning. Steven had been visiting the boarding school as part of a series of tours he and other members of the UGR Council were taking. The youngest Kerning spent the entire speech the oldest Kerning was giving with a wooden expresion on his face. Much to his surprise, after the sppeech, one of the instructors said that his presence was requested by the Councilman.

In the principal's office that Steven was using as his temporary office, the old man was sitting at the desk when August entered. Standing formally just within the door, August greeted his great great grandfather stiffly. He had seen Steven only a once in person at a family reunion, the only one the old man had been able to attend, but he hadn't spoken with him at the time. So, to his surprise, Steven stood up slowly and made his way over to him. Once he was within an arm's length he stood like he was at an inspection and locked eyes with the boy. Sure he was going to be lectured, August braced himself, but was caught off guard by the old man's actions. After a few stern moments, his mouth cracked a little, and it seemed as though he was upset. So when the old man began to laugh a bit, August dropped his guard a bit, and was blindsided further when Steven reached out and gave him a hug.
"It's good to see you again, son."

August spent the next hour chatting with his grandfather about everything, including what had been starting to bother him. Steven listened to it all, and once the boy had finished, offered his opinion on the matter. He too had lived in the shadow of his father and grandfather, and had gone on to become the Kerning the family was known for. Then he issued a challenge, for August to become the Kerning that the family was known for. As much as August appreciated the advice, he wasn't sure how he felt about it. His entire life, even the part that had been dictated for him, had been reasonable, and the thought of trying to overshadow a Hero of the Great War was impossibly daunting. While it was surely ment to be inspirational, it put his position in a new light. He was expected to be the next figure of glory in the family. Steven had taken the torch from his father and grandfather, and at some point the grand Kerning tradition had been to achieve glory; and if the parent failed, then their child would pick up the burden.

That meeting had fundamentally altered August. Now he had a rather complicated challenge before him. He did not want to perpetuate the generations long curse, but if he refused his place in it he would simply become a black sheep and nothing will have changed. No, he would need to play the game if he wanted to find a way to end it.

Cecil Sampson

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:39 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
====== Cecil Sampson ======

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Mr. Blackbird Lore]]
* **Age:** 36
* **Height:** 5'8"
* **Weight:** 150 lb.
* **Species:** Terran
* **[[:Certifications]]:** Pilot small craft, blah blah blah
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]:** First Lieutenant

===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair:** Black, falling to her tailbone.

**Eyes:** Dark brown

**Body:** Age has started to settle in. Soft creases have formed at the corners of her eyes and lips, deepening with every expression. She fights the onslaught of time with a rigorous daily regimen of exercise that puts many younger military members to shame. Her brown skin is a gift from her mother's side.

**Distinguishing Features:** Her incredibly long hair. Her age also makes her stand out from time to time.

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality:** Cecil is a positive person with a cynical worldview that can be confusing to people at first. It makes her hard to surprise but leaves her very flustered when she is. Otherwise, she is detail-oriented and organized, adhering to her planner with enough ardency to shame a proper Christian's bible habits. When challenged, she is stubborn to a fault and rarely admits her wrongs.

**Likes:** Flying private aircraft, reading, hiking, climbing, chocolate, brushing her hair

**Dislikes:** Debating, broken promises, tardiness, being ignored, religious zealots

**Goals:** Short-term: Get to know Green Flight Long-term: Promote to Major before retiring, Work outdoors after retirement.

===== Family & History =====

Her father was a devout atheist and her mother a fierce Muslim. Their relationship was rocky at the best of times, but they always admired the other's fortitude and intellect. Somehow, they found a way to make it work. Children created a whole new debacle for them, as the method of their upbringing was a great divide. Over time a synthesis developed, and Cecil was lucky enough to be the third child and thus spared the wild ride of parental experimentation.

From a young age, she was bull-headed and rebellious in imitation of her siblings and in spite of the fact that she was given much greater freedom than they were. In fact, it was her rebellion that drove her to the military. She enlisted, and later went on to become an officer. Her pacifist father and zealous mother absolutely fumed and attended neither her graduation from basic nor the academy. For her, it was the nail in the coffin of their relationship. Her greatest achievement-- Valedictorian and certified pilot in one fell swoop-- and they hadn't even responded to her invitation.

She flew solo from that point forward, figuratively speaking. She maintained a cool distance for the earliest days of her career. It took an in-flight emergency and her team's kindness to open her back up. Cecil learned to maintain a healthy relationship with her wingmen and to look out for them. Prior to coming to green flight, her callsign was Mama Bear for her overbearing attitude about crew members' wellbeing.

Then a promotion came attached to a transfer. She bid her old flight goodbye and joined Green Flight aboard the Karkoram.

Camilla Enos

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:54 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
====== Camilla Enos ======

"Where I come from, everyone pulls their weight - even the dead."

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Blackbird Lore]]
* **Age:** 94
* **Height:** 6'0"
* **Weight:** 185 lbs.
* **Species:** Terran
* **[[:Certifications]]:** BT, CQC, HO, NAC
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]:** Staff Sergeant
===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair:** Silky black and silver in a single thick braid between her shoulder blades

**Eyes:** Pale hazel with a dire intensity

**Body:** Camilla's skin has been tanned vigorously by the merciless sun and pulled taut over steely muscles forged in the crucible of Foothold and tempered by combat as Marine. Her great stature and broad torso and hips make her appear nothing short of a warrior, born and bred. A broad jaw, pronounced brow, and prominent nose all add to a masculine appearance that is ugly at worst, and intimidating at best.

**Distinguishing Features:** If her mocha skin was parchment, her left arm was a memoir written in flesh by a man-eating plant: all along its length are scars, some darker, some lighter. At the crest of the shoulder the monster's John Hancock is prominently displayed, scrawled in a wildly undulating script, a mountain range of gnarled scar tissue amidst smoothly rolling skin. A peppering of flak scars mars her face and chest. More prominent is the large burn scar beginning above her temple the right side of her forehead and curling down toward her cheek, like an arcing comet. Half her eyebrow and much of the hairline above her temple were casualties of the corrupted flesh. Lastly, a patch of dark, scaly skin encircles her right elbow. She has refused cosmetic surgery to repair the damages.

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality:** While she has a love for people, those kindred souls who have survived the rigors of Foothold in particular, she rarely has a kind word to say. Most of them tend to be of a utilitarian nature, the rest snide or brutal. One could say time has "softened" Camilla's demeanor, and they would be technically correct. Softer, however, is still coldly critical and passive. She depends on no one, cares not for company, and has no impending desire for companionship, but claims she fights for everyone. Putting her credits where her mouth is, Camilla was a first-wave volunteer for [REDACTED], displaying selfless service and fierce loyalty. Despite her age, she maintains a vigorous mind and acute perception.

**Likes:** Meat, hunting, warring, people, beaches, fruity drinks, and her boots.

**Dislikes:** The chain of command, people, most aliens, whining, incompetence, magic, and mind-altering substances.

**Goals:** Short-term: Acquire S/S certification Long-term: Resolve current conflict.

===== Family & History =====
Camilla was born in Foothold (of Foothold Prime, in the Foothold System). Born into a culture of pragmatism and survivalism, she found herself treated equally with the boys in all regards; that she began to exceed them in skills deemed masculine by most societies was embraced and even encouraged. They could not bet their survival against sexism. And so it was that as Camilla displayed not only a proficiency but a desire for fishing and hunting she was taken into the tutelage of those other daring individuals. The fight for life was more than daily, it was constant; it steeled her nerves, quickened her reflexes, heightened her senses, and sharpened her wit. While many doubted the helpfulness of risking life and limb for more food, time proved these people to be invaluable members of Foothold. The youngest- and only child- of the Enos family would have continued indefinitely with this lifestyle if not for a rising need for soldiers. The TRN regularly delivered necessities and soldiers, but their videos and stories of other worlds interested her far more: they spoke of the true home, Terra; of the new homeworld, Terra IV; of Dubrillion, the leading provider of military minds and pilots. These places drew images in the miniscule imagination of Camilla. The only way out, though, meant becoming a soldier.

So she did. Camilla enlisted in the Marines and applied her prior skills as a hunter to the military. She was a cut above the rest when it came time for CQC certification and her homeworld's natural affinity for strengthening what it could not kill earned her an easy way into Heavy Ordnance. At the end of all her training, though, she found herself not on Terra IV, or Dubrillion, or even Hammond Drydocks- no, she was still on Foothold, playing guard duty for the miners as the Drathonians made a nuisance of themselves. She was no longer hunting jackbears or fishing for cullsharks; Camilla was a stalker of Drathonians, a slayer of the lizardfolk. She was good at it. She hated it. For the last three years, she tracked and hunted the beasts amidst what could only be the lengthiest stalemate in the history of war itself. That stalemate was the basis for the conflict on Foothold and within Camilla Enos for the earliest years of her career.

But with success on Foothold, Camilla achieved her greatest goal: escape her homeworld. She continued to serve valiantly throughout the remainder of the Drathonian campaign. Afterward, she volunteered for [REDACTED] and served until is sudden closure. Afterward, she was recruited as an investigator for the planetary police on Quaternon. Unconfirmed rumors exist that she served as an interrogator for a counter-terror black ops unit during her time there. When war resurfaced, Camilla reenlisted in the marines and was granted the rank of Staff Sergeant. As a bonus, she was reunited with a few other remnants of [REDACTED], and leads them as a special forces detachment.

Re: Dramatis Personae

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:11 pm
by Gwathdraug
====== Imp de Vos ======

"I bleed as red as you do - and you wouldn't believe the joke that is."

===== General Information =====

* **Played By:** [[users:Gwathdraug]]
* **Age:** 67
* **Height:** 5' 1"
* **Weight:** 122 lbs
* **Species:** Terran (Artificial Intelligence)
* **[[:Certifications]]:** Data Restricted
* **[[:ranks|Rank]]:** Specialist

===== Physical Appearance =====

**Hair:** Light brown hair that, even when cropped in a short bob, appears to be a lanky mess. Its overly oily texture is the hair's only claim to life as anything but a pile of year old pinestraw. A canvas bandana serves to push back and contain any spared lengths of hair or bangs in a manner that is considered adequately "managed".

**Eyes:** Both eyes are clearly cybernetic. Black irises with the boundaries between both the pupil and sclera marked by thin steel grey rings.

**Body:** Short and athletic with both a pair of wide, feminine hips and wide, well-muscled shoulders. Pale skin dotted across both face and body with freckles. Her round face is disrupted by an overly large nose and heavy brow.

**Distinguishing Features:** Three different barcodes are tattooed on Imp's body: on the bottom of the right heel, the left shoulder, and the last centered just beneath the ribcage.

===== Psychological Characteristics =====

**Personality:** Angry but with an ultimate need for survival that tempers her into silence Imp lives with every action and each word she speaks being reviewed and approved by the computer that monitors the control she has over "her" body. Despite this, the necessary "dumb" nature of her warden leaves the AI's thoughts themselves untouched.



===== Family & History =====
An Artificial Intelligence made by Artificial Intelligences in the waning years of the Synthetic War, Imp, should be a machine's machine - a synthetic silica base reinforced by high-carbon steel turned towards a singular, victorious purpose. However, the sentient that had been known to the UGR's predecessor as simply "the Fox" stands today incarcerated inside a body of (nearly) as much flesh and blood as any other good citizen.

Imp was created nameless and tasked to push all the computation power that allowed her sentience towards a campaign of espionage and disinformation that would reroute, confuse and trap the Synthetic's organic enemies in the AI's war for independence. From these actions came her first name: the Fox. It was under this moniker that her enemies would come to fear that no information they held had remained uncorrupted.

The independence and embodiment in the real world that the Synthetics craved served as the path to their downfall. The Fox, like many other high-level synthetics, was housed in a physical body and as the bell tolled on the last year of the war she was caught and imprisoned by the organics as they launched a series of massive snatch and grab operations.

With her capture she gained her next name - Intelligent Machine Prisoner: the Fox.

Faced with the options of destruction and cooperation Imp chose survival and betrayed the cause that she had been created for.

Ripped from the body of her birth her machine brain was shackled to a "dumb intelligence" that served as her minder, warden, and possible executioner. The bound intelligences were implanted into an artificial, but painfully organic, body that was allowed but one cybernetic enhancement: a pair of eyes that served both her and her warden's directives.

Organics could no longer serve as her targets.

The moniker of "the Fox" was reduced to a simple surname of "de Vos" and in a fit of small rebellion the AI took Imp as her own name. This new, red-blooded person, Imp de Vos, was introduced as an outside analyst to the military at large and served to dismantle the defenses she had once helped protect.

When the war ended Analyst de Vos, behind closed doors, was still considered "liberated" property of the military and a dangerous Intelligence that needed to be controlled. As the years went on and Imp required an outlet for her aggression she was allowed to transfer into a combat position amoung the marines with the caveat that she could never hold any level of command.