Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:55 am

Arcadia smiled in acceptance of Elfriede's explanation, and was about to speak yet again when Betty shouted her question. Pilot Langdon immediately turned that way and jogged toward Betty. Within reasonable distance she called back, "I'd love to play! Where are we going to set up?"

Fred's retort put a smirk on the Red Pilot's face. "Turnips? That's the best you can do? I expected more from the Irish, but I suppose their wit is merely exaggerated." Then he spoke softly to Evey. "How're you doin', little lady?"

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Kai » Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:58 pm

Evelyn, Still flopped over Ruze's shoulder answered simply "I am a sack of Potatoes. I am always fine." She seemed to be taking the whole thing very seriously, with a sincerity only a child could put into such a silly action. She didn't seem to have noticed that the 'battle' had finished and was going to shortly become a volleyball match instead, and so it seemed she would need some persuading to once again become a young girl.

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Kokuten » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:31 pm

"Yeah!" said Betty, throwing a hand up and pointing out a spot on the beach. "Over there! On that spot!" The Cali-girl tore through the water and towards the coast, her skin glistening with the salty water. She jogged on up the sand and planted herself firmly on a patch of sand and placed both her hands into the ground. "Here!" She was undoubtedly excited as she whisked her head back and forth, looking back and forth. "We just need a net, a ball, and a ref!"

"Oh! I'll play." said the tallest, thickest woman in Teal. Elfriede rose out of the water ominously as she walked ashore, cracking her knuckles, before stretching the elastic of her bikini's waistband and letting snap back against her waist. It seemed that the german woman had gotten excited as well. "I haven't played volleyball in forever!"

"I wanna play too!" squealed Miyuki as she swathed through the water, trying to make it up to the coast. She was being assisted by the taller Allison, who was still rather red in the face from having to pull a crab out of her butt cheeks. The two of them dragged up on shore, and Miyuki hustled along girlishly to take a spot next to Betty. Allison simply stood where she was, and rubbed her calf with the bottom of her foot, apparently the only hesitant one there. Even Hetzer seemed to take notice of the growing interest in the game.

"Well, John, what are you going to do?" asked the scruffy man from Teal, rubbing his beard as he walked towards the gathering group of pilots. "You going to watch the antics, or be part of them?"

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Straken » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:22 pm

Steven tucked the volleyball under his arm as he kept track of the people who wanted to play. “Ok, we have Arcadia, Betty, those two Teal girls, and myself. Hmm, need one more,” the Captain said to himself before turning back to the water. “Hey Fred! Are you gonna play?”

“Huh?” Fred asked as he had to redirect his attention once more. “Uh, gimme a tic. Gotta finish up ‘ere farst!” The big Irishman then turned back to his Red opponent and his weapon. “Well Sputnik, ya act’lly gonna do sumthin’, or ya jus’ gonna stand there holdin’ tha lass?”

“Hmm, well we need at least one more person if we want teams of three,” he said once again mostly to himself, but loud enough so the people around him were aware of what he was saying. “Hey! Anyone else gonna wanna play!? We need at least one more!” he called to his friends on the beach.

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by CadetNewb » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:34 pm

John listened intently to Hetzer's tale. An entire squadron getting wiped out, not in a huge bang, but a whimper where it was bled dry. That kind of fate sucked ass. But on the other hand Teal was brought back up to full like a mug refilled by a pretty bar maid. Now, that was a thought the man could savor, grinning. "The world really does get flipped upside down sometimes, eh?" He asked the man. But all women due to reinforcements? What were the chances of that? Perhaps they all coming from a Terran held planet filled with women or something? Now, the younger pilot really liked that idea. As he watched the others get ready for volleyball, he mused over the senior pilot's question.

"I might join them, might not. What about you?"

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:52 pm

Arcadia followed the Teal girls up the beach. Never one to wait on others, she began contemplating where one might find a volleyball net and ball. She spied a small brick building a short jog away from the group and headed over there. She found a pair of metal doors and beyond them a great stock of beach paraphernalia. Everything from plastic floaties to kayaks were to be found. In one corner was the volleyball gear, and the poles were already netted and rolled together. With a little work she balanced the net poles over one shoulder and cupped the volleyball to her stomach with the other arm. Her shoulder was a little sore where the metal poles came to rest, but she'd make it without a problem. "Found it!" she shouted loud as she could.

Ruze smiled both at his 'sack of potatoes' and Fred's jibes. "Well, I think we ought to join in the fun. What say we put this on hold, Irish? I'd rather knock the ball around than knock you around, know what I mean?" He waded ashore before putting Evelyn on the beach. "I now declare you to be... a volleyball player!"

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Straken » Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:22 pm

"If ya say so," Fred said to Ruze as he followed after. "Ah will jus' have ta beat ya in volleyball instead."

Steven made his way over to the rest of the group as the court was set up. Going over once again in his head, he figured that between two team captains there would be four players on each team. He could be one of the team captains, but he still needed to find the other one. Looking over those who had shown an interest in playing his eyes settled on Teal Squadron's Elfriede.

"Um, Elfriede, right? Would you like to be the second team captain for picking players?" Steven asked as he walked up to the tall German woman.

"Eh...?" Elfriede looked down at Steven with a rather disgusted look on her face. "Second team Captain? Why do I have to be second?" She looked liked she was forcing back a smile under her sternish stare. "It's because I'm a woman, isn't it?" The busty german leaned in closer, narrowing her eyes, "You've been talking to Fodier, haven't you?"

Steven crossed his arms and stood his ground as the taller woman took on an intimidating stance. "Fodier? That obnoxious sounding guy I spoke to earlier?" he asked, "Heavens no. And if ya don't want to be a team captain, then I will find someone else. Maybe Fred would like to do it."

"C'mooooon, Elfriede!" said Betty leaning out from behind Steven, giving her a pleading stare. "Can't you just be a regular woman for one day in your life? No wonder you're such a lonely bitch!" The pilot giggled, still hiding behind Elfriede, who jolted to strangle her hands through Steven before she forced herself to stop. The red-faced german gave them both a begrudging stare before putting her hands on her, stretching the elastic of her lower bikini with her thumb.

"Fine. I'll be Captain of team two." said the frustrated woman, before pointing at Betty, "But she goes on your team, if only so I can spike a ball in her face."

"Alright, Betty'll be my first pick then. Who would you like for your first pick?" Steven asked.

"That guy over there." Elfriede pointed directly at Fred. "He looks like he can spike a ball in your face."

Meanwhile Arcadia recruited not so kindly both Jonathan and Hetzer. "Hey!" When she had their attention, she continued. "Get up and over here. We're going to put those manly arms to work." Her tone was sarcastic, but there was a genuine smile. She put down the poles and went to work outlining the court with the yellow cord that had been conveniently tucked into the top of one pole. She was done in a few minutes.

"I don't know, wouldn't it be a bit unfair for someone as tall as me to be on a team?" said Hetzer as he walked across the warm beach sand to Arcadia, looking far down at her from his position high in cloudy beard heaven.

"Wassat?" Fred called as he saw fingers being pointed in his direction.
"You are on Elfriede's team!" Steven called back to the Irishman.
"What?! What about our super combo?"
"No, super combo today, sorry," Steven said before turning back to Elfriede. "Hmm, I'll take Arcadia on my team."

Looking up, Arcadia noticed the Teal Pilot looking at her. Before she could speak her mind, she was picked. Pilot Langdon gave a nod before resuming where she'd left off. "What are you looking at? There poles." She pointed. "You stand them. Middle of field. Deep in sand. Draw net taut." All the while she gesticulated and spoke in a fairly deep, caveman tone. It was still no match for the natural voice of anyone present.

Hetzer looked at the poles and then at Arcadia before hunching over himself, mimicking her caveman tone with a caveman stance. "I think we've miscommunicated," he clarified, "I was asking about teams, not poles."

"Hetzer!" said Elfriede, finding another tall person with her finger.

"Hm?" Hetzer turned his head in her direction.

"You're on my team!" commanded the mighty Elfriede.

"Ah! Good." said Hetzer before looking back at Arcadia, "What were we talking about?"

Steven bit his lip, Fred was taken, and the tall Hetzer was picked. He looked over the remaining picks. "Ruze! You're with me."

Arcadia rolled her eyes. "A bit slow? You came over here to help me set up." She pointed again to the volleyball net and poles. Done setting the boundary lines, she strode toward the poles in question. "But since you guys don't seem to get it, guess I'll do all the work."

"Well, I didn't want to deprive you such rewarding work." said Hetzer, observing from a standing place. He placed his hands behind his back. "If you want help, ask me. Because I'm not risking the wrath of the oldest member in our squadron."

"Allison!" called Elfriede loudly, shocking the pear-shaped woman. The Welshgirl threw her arms up before webbing her figners together as they came down.

"I-... I... what?" asked Allison, unsure of what was even happening.

"We're going to use your ass to deflect the ball." said Elfriede sharply, causing the big-bottomed girl to blush sharply.

"D-D-don--... Oh... Alright then." she gave up jogging over to Elfriede, only to be slapped on the butt by the german woman as she went by. Allison grabbed her bottom and mewled in embarassment before taking her place amongst the rest.

"For the supposedly logical half of our race, you sure have problems connecting dots, or even producing a seemless logical conclusion. She can't be mad at you if you help set up the nets. In fact, you can only go up in standing seeing how badly she wants to drive the ball into someone's face." With both poles in hand, she thrust one toward him. "So get to empowering her, lest she find out you're delaying her satisfaction."

Hetzer took both of the poles and began to assist in the set-up, not even muttering a word. Well... not muttering.

"You... You don't know Elfriede very well..." said Hetzer, throwing a glance back at the eldest member before putting more attention into his work. "What you're trying to do is apply reason to a woman who only acts on reason when she's silent." He grunted, "When she's... talkative, it's a bit of a sign that reason is no longer palpable to her."

Fred, now by the rest of the group, looked around for something to help with. Upon hearing dear Arcadia going through another one of her rants he made his way over to her and grabbed the net. Slinging the mesh over his shoulder he waited for Hetzer to set up the poles.

"So we have John and Miyuki left to pick. Miyuki! You're with me!" Steven called to the remaining girl.

"Good! Miyuki sucks at sports! I was hoping to get the beer guy. Jack. Whoever you are!" Elfriede pointed at John, "You! Get over here!"

Miyuki, who seemed to have a very indignant face when she joined Team 1, jogged on over, and took her stance with Steven. It seemed that the girlish looking woman was regretting her decision of tossing Elfriede into the ocean.

Arcadia wordlessly helped Fred unroll the net after grounding one of the volleyball poles. Then it was a simple matter of looping the ends over bolts, tightening to secure the net, and twisting the pole to draw it taut.

Steven dismissed Elfriede's taunt as the picking finished and the teams were decided. As Miyuki jogged over, he noticed the sour look on her face.
"What? Don't wanna be on my team? I'm hurt," he joked with the woman.

"It's just..." Miyuki puffed her cheeks out, looking away for a moment, before looking back up to Steven. "... Elfriede is kinda' mean sometimes, or just... really honest." She looked up at the net, "I'm also really short..."

Steven gave Miyuki a smile. "Don't worry about that. We will just have to beat her is all. Just follow my lead and you will do just fine," he said to her as he gave a thumbs up.

Fred did his part on his end of the net as Arcadia did hers. "Shame Green Squadron was split up, aye? Now Ah guess I gotta take ya guys down," he called over to his squadmate.

Arcadia looked over at Fred then shrugged. "I don't have a problem with 'accidentally' breaking your nose." There was the faint ghost of a devilish smile as she strode away, toward her team captain.

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Straken » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:18 pm

Fred laughed heartily at Arcadia’s declaration. “Good luck to ya too, Arcadia,” the Irishman called after. As the big man stood on the newly constructed volleyball court he grew giddy and another one of his big smiles grew on his face.
“Alright! The teams are set, the court is built, so let’s get this show on the road!” Fred shouted to the other players close by.

Steven heard his friend’s call and acknowledged it. “Yeah yeah, we’re comin’ Fred!” he shouted back before turning to those around him. “C’mon folks, let’s get playing before Fred starts shouting in Irish.”

“Cad atá tú ag glacadh go léir fada mar sin! Bog é mban muid ag imirt eitpheile, ní fgoing chuig an scannáin! Ní gá duit am a ghlacadh chun fixe do chuid gruaige!” Fred started calling out.

Steven sighed deeply. “See? Now he is calling us slow,” he explained as he recognized vaguely what was being said, and then began ushering people towards the court. “As obnoxious as it is, he is right. Let’s play some volleyball.”
With that said Steven got all of the players onto their own sides of the court as he went and picked up the ball. He spun the ball casually in his hand as he made his way over to the serving point. As he looked around the court he wondered to himself if he should take it easy, or go full Academy varsity volleyball team captain . He shrugged a figured he would just try to have fun and gauge it along the way.
Steven limbered up as he took his place and several audible cracks echoed from his joints. Taking several deep breaths he prepared to serve. “How does first to twenty points sound? Losing team has to give up a week’s worth of FoodReqs to the winning team,” he called out to those playing.

“Do mháthair!” Fred called back from his place center in front of the net.

“Leave my mom out of this, Fred. Now let’s play,” Steven said as he dropped into a playing stance and readied the ball. He locked eyes with Fred, who was giving him a knowing smile. Steven tossed the ball into the air and called out, “Serving.” As the volleyball came back down he swung his other arm forward and slammed into the ball, sending it flying over to the other side of the court.

As soon as the ball was in the air Fred donned a jovial smile and let out a booming laugh. The large Irishman launched himself into the air, bounding up above the net line as he was intent to deny the ball of its full course. Once the ball was close enough he shot his right arm out, pounding full force into ball and sending it right back to where it came from.

Steven was oddly enough wearing the same devilish smile that Fred had. The veteran pilot knew his old friend was going to start things out flashy, so when the ball came flying right back towards him he was ready for it. He got under the ball and absorbed the momentum of the ball in his forearms before pushing it into the air again and over towards the others on his team.

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:45 pm

Arcadia was rather excited, almost as excited as she'd been to be on the beach. It had been a long time since real camaraderie had been achieved in her squad. As she gave a well-performed set that came from 4 years of practice, she was grinning and hoping someone would spike the ball right into the smug Irishman's face.

Not too hard, of course, but hard enough to get his attention.

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Re: Sunny, with a chance of Heartache.

Post by Straken » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:44 am

Steven saw Arcadia’s set up and made the quick decision to rush and complete the spike. Part of him felt guilty since he dislike ball hogs, but he figured he would apologize to the team later on.
Steven dashed across the sand as he darted past his teammates. Once he reached a prime spot he jumped up and intercepted the ball, spiking it, and sending rushing at a sharp angle towards Fred’s left leg.

Fred still had on his large grin even as Steven sent the ball towards his weak side. Fred collapsed his knees so as to fall to the ground, and he managed to get his arm under the ball before it met the sand. The ball ricocheted off his left arm and was sent away at about knee height to his team. Not the best placement for the ball, but it was all he could manage to do.

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