(Asher) A Brush with Destiny

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(Asher) A Brush with Destiny

Post by Kokuten » Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:45 pm

The sound of a laser pistol filled the air of a what could only be described as a horrid slaughter. Asher Orkin Westwood, the only living thing in a courtyard of bodies, shouldered his pistol, a freshly dead human at his feet, a burned laserhole through his forehead. There were two others, but most of their faces had been clawed away, and their bodies ripped and torn violently. The one at his feet, however, seemed older than the rest, more grizzled, and equipped with some of the handmade laser emitting weapons that Asher himself had haphazardly put together. Piled around the dead Terrans and the one living, were a horde of perforated and torn mutants. The survivng Surandanian breathed heavy breaths in the wake of what happened, but offered the dead no respite. He crouched down next to the elder dead, and began to pull certain trinkets and valuables from the body. One in particular was a set of armored shoulder pads, which was what he went for first.

Asher would hear a sound near the roof of the building, as a window opened itself, or rather, someone opened one of the upper ventilation windows. He could tell it wasn't one of the mutants because they just broke the windows, and, as the window opened fully, the head and upper body of a good-looking blonde woman could be seen, followed by a set of hips and then finally her legs. After pulling herself through, the young woman sat down on a rafter, looking over the scene below her. "That make our city's population at an even fourty." She observed, dismally. "What happened? I haven't seen so many in one place in a long time. After the shots began I made my way across to help but, there was more outside I had to deal with..."

The lone man amongst the dead looked up at the woman for a moment, after watching her enter quietly. Normally, he'd feel like commenting on how apt her body was made for intercourse, but for some reason, he could not summon the words right then

"There's only one person left in this city as far as I'm concerned, sugartits." responded Asher quietly, as he went back down to scavenge the body, this time going for a small SMG with a jagged blade hazardly mounted on it's front. He turned the body over, the elder man's long hair moving aside to reveal a somewhat human bite mark on the neck. "As f'what happened? Well, y'betta gimme somethin' then." Still, as he spoke, he paid her no mind, seeing as how most of the laser clips had been hastily thrown to the floor, and how all four them seemed to have knives or objects in their hands, he had no ammo to give.

"I already gave my loot to the safehouse, nothing on me right now." Destiny answered, plainly, looking at the man that Asher was currently looting. "You might want to do something about him. He might just be in a coma, could wake up a mutant in a few minutes if you're not lucky." The young woman, dressed somewhat similarly to Asher, gingerly hung from the rafter for a moment before dropping a few feet to the floor, landing with a crunch on one of the mutated bodies.

"Virus takes 'bout four days t'turn someone." responded Asher, arching a brow when she made the crunching nose with the mutants body, by landing on her. With that, he gave a small judgement to her weight, and cross-referenced that with her size, getting a good feel of her general momentum. Though, he decided to keep further thoughts on that for later, as she was right.

"Looks like iss' gunna' be a closed casket, boss." whispered Asher as he pulled out the two-foot blade from it's sheath on the back of his waist. He placed the tip down on the floor, and pulled up the head with the dead man's hair. Then, with one harsh press of his foot, the blade sunk into the neck. When it met resistance at the spine, he forced it through with a muffled crack and snap as a result. Then, with the deed done, he cast the head to the side, letting it roll away. After wiping the blade off, he sheathed it again, and went back to getting whatever items remained on the body.

"Any rate, looks like you won't be figurin' out whateva' happened here." whispered Asher, turning the beheaded body over, blood pooling in mass.

"It must've been all the hot air you're blowing off that attracted them, I suppose." Destiny joked grimly, not even flinching at the beheading. Such was a fact of life around here, however short and brutal it was. She waved the stocky man off, shaking some of the blood and gore off of her boots and inspecting some of the mutated bodies. "It's a lot more of the younger mutants, isn't it? Though I do see a few advanced cases, I'm guessing those are what got your partners?"

"We ra--..." Asher looked up at the woman for a moment before heading to the other body, silently picking out anything useful from the mangled corpse. From the features, which were barely there anymore, it could be told this one was a woman before she was overrun. As Asher began to pick a few pieces from under the bile, his face soured a bit, followed with a sigh before he decided to pick more, "You know tha' deal, you ain't got nothin', I ain't givin' nothin'."

"Well, from what I've heard of you, this is hardly the place to give what I've got were I to offer it." Destiny began, approaching the young man cautiously. "Of course, I have more important things to worry about than myself, so, if you could help me, you'd be helping out a lot more of our fellow survivors." she offered, winking at the Goatee'd man. She bent down and picked up a rectangular piece of metal, which turned out to be a folded switchblade, and began playing with the knife. "Not quite big enough, but it could be useful..." the girl observed.

As Destiny approached, Asher's eyes stayed on her, occasionally drifting his gaze to her chest. Though, as she started to make offers, a look of spite rose on his face.

"Bullshit, you ain't eva' heard a'me." spat Asher, before pointing at the blade mounted on his shoulder and ankle. "N'I don't need no fuckin' hidey-knife." Despite being told he could help people, it seemed rather apparent that it wasn't his concern.

"Who said this knife was for you?" Destiny defended, putting the instrument into one of her pockets, before turning back to the man. "And of course I've heard of you. You're Asher Orkin Westwood, the Grim Reaper of Surandan, the only one to have had sex with a Mutant, the craziest motherfucker on the planet, who killed his own family because they were too damn slow." Destiny was obviously making stuff up past his name, but the way she said it made it sound that she had it on full authority as true. "You wouldn't deny such a lofty title as that, would you?"

The 'Grim Reaper' as it was, only stared at her for a moment, taking in the immensity of the 'reputation' he seemd to have. He gave a short chuckle, trying to tone it down at the risk of sounding too loud.

"The only guy worth callin' a 'Grim Reaper' is on tha' floor ova' there wit' his noggin' decoratin' one end of tha' room." replied the man, finishing up wit the second body. "I wouldn't mind takin' tha' title, people die 'round me enough." Asher started picking at the third body, "At any rate, tonka-tits, you got somewhere t'be? Or do you really wanna' t'hear what happened that bad?"

"Every time there's a large grouping of mutants, it's a serious event. I just want to make sure they're either all gone or the source is found so we can eliminate it." Destiny answered seriously, prodding one of the bodies with her foot. "It's hard enough to find food and supplies without these things trying to kill us all the time." The Blonde turned her back on Asher, and walked a few paces away, surveying the destruction as best she could. "I suppose you're the ones who finally managed to break into the armory a few months ago? Haven't seen working laser weapons since I was young..."

"Yeah, boss got it in his head that we'd have a betta' chance wit' rechargables n'lasers. So, we all get pretty darin', n'raid tha' armory." Asher explained, looking at Destiny's rear every few moments as he picked at the final body. "Turns out, tha' controlled envia'ment to preserve weaponry iss' a pretty nice spot for mutants t'put their biggest n'meanest. We lost 'bout half our clan in there, but we came out wit' enough parts to make these." The man held up the hazardly made laser, with the crude blade attached to it. "Took a while, but I was able to make'm work afta' a lotta' bullshit."

He cleared his throat quietly, "That one wass' on tha' house."

"Ah, so the dead man here is singlehandedly responsible for destroying our ability to procreate." was all Destiny could say. She turned around again, and put her hands on her hips. She knew where Asher had been looking, but didn't seem to care or mind, one or the other.

"What, you think societies gotta' chance? Shit!" Asher laughed, putting a hand over his mouth try and muffle the laughing, "I thought I wass' crazy!"

"I heard Kotannia in the northern continent managed to clear out the mutants. Doesn't seem like too crazy an idea. Besides, who doesn't want a peaceful life? Maybe get the factories running again, even get our asses off this god-forsaken rock." the Blonde looked over Asher, knowing he probably didn't care. He seemed to enjoy all the blood and destruction. "I can still remember how it was before the Drathonians gassed us. Can't you?"

"Rememberin' what you had iss' what makes you think half-assed shit like that. Kotannia? Pfft, like shit they're doin' any betta' than us. Surandan iss' fucked, 'cause there ain't no end to tha' mutants, I know that much." Asher, got up on his feet, and strapped his back-pack on.

"Y'know what? I do rememba' what life wass' like, but that shit's gone. Everyone that mattered, died, n'everyone else that matta'd?" He looked around at the three dead people around him, "Died t'day."

"Well, maybe you should get better at protecting the people that matter." Destiny suggested, harshly. "The reason our city's going down the hole is because the biggest clans keep making rash decisions. We're losing people faster than we're gaining them, seeing as we haven't had any births in about eight years, and most of those kids died."

"You really wanna' bring a kid inta' this world? Where all he know iss' nothin', but death n'survival?" The man shook his head at the seemingly hopeful woman, a certain edge added to his words due to her little comment. "So what happens when we kill all tha' mutants, eh? Shit ain't gunna' stop there. Clans n'gangs don't trust eachotha', so they'll just start shootin once they get a chance t'take ova'. Woman, y'sound like y'all for that blue n'true future, but thass' tha' problem. We ain't got a future, n'ain't nobody gunna' accept that fact 'cause they're all too busy missin' the lives they were too young t'even know.

"So you're suggesting we just give up? The last transmissions told us the rest of Terran space was under attack. For all we know, we could be the last Humans left in the universe. You just want to squander that?" Destiny shook her head. Walking up closer to the man. "Whether or not the future's going to happen, it's 'Survival of the Fittest' around here, and I know that very well. We need as many of the Fit as possible if we want to have any chance at survival." She stopped, just a few inches away from the man's face, and touched his goatee with an outstretched finger. "Why not try helping someone. You might live longer if you have a reason to live."

"Tch, if I could have a piece of that ass everyday? Probably." chuckled Asher, taking a short look at her bottom, before turning away and stepping off to a broken in door-way. "I tried workin' wit a group, wit people I trust, n'that didn't work all that well. So I'll tell ya what, I let you know what happened here, n'you, and y'pansy tree-huggin' future group will leave me alone, n'let me do my thing. Deal?"

In all honesty, he simply moved away from her as the woman's body was becoming too tempting for him to resist.

"If that's the way you want it, Then I suppose I have no choice but to accept." She kicked over one of the large dead mutants, and it fell back, leaning against the wall in such a way that it made a nice chair, which the blonde sat down in, an odd juxtaposition of her beauty and the disgusting creature's body. "Maybe, if you're helpful enough, I'll give you a reward. How does that sound?"

"You said you didn't have shit b'fo." responded Asher, "Where's this reward comin' from?"

"I won't tell you until you tell me. Like I said, you only get it if I think your information is worth it." Destiny smirked, crossing her legs daintily, sitting pretty as if she were a well-mannered woman, despite her surroundings.

"Fine." shrugged the mercenary, pointing off to the far building down the road, visible from the courtyard's smaller side windows. "Down that way, we was lookin' f'supplies when we happened up on a pretty decent stash a canned goods. Turns out ain't no on figga'd out how t'take off the electric locks, til'now. But!" Asher said, bending over to pick a few of the laser magazines, "Wit' our friend, Mista' Laser, we just burned through tha' locks, n'got in. Lo'n'behold? A nice little collection of canned goods n'perished goods."

Asher then let out a pretty deep sigh, before taking a seat on the floor.

"Thass when Edgar got jumped at tha' door. He got his jaw ripped out, then got clawed up by a group of'm, a group of them 'advanced' things y'was talkin' 'bout. They started comin' f'us n'we started shootin'. Lasers put enough holes n'm to stop them from comin, but then they started pourin' outta' tha' woodworks! Fuckin' everywhere! They started hoppin out. So, Utah tells us t'move t'this place ova' here, thinkin' we might be able t'pull in a choke-point." The Surandanian scratched his chin, "Ol'Utah didn't expect a bunch of'm t'be hold up in this buildin' too. Shit got bad, real bad, n'we was forced in tha' middle of tha' yard here, firin' off everything we had at tha' comin' horde. 'Ventually? We ran out charges, n'they still kept, so we used our knives. Thomas ova there, he go over run by a few when he stepped out too far."

He then pointed over at the female's mangled corpse, "Elly, she tried t'save'm, y'know? Tom meant a lot to her, but one'a them leapin' mutants took her down by her skull, split it open, and started to eat'm both. While they was distracted, me n'Utah started wrappin' up the rest. Some point? Utah got bit in tha' neck, one'a them bleedin' bites. N'eventually we cleaned'm all out, but Utah was pretty much fucked, so I shot him."

At that point, Asher shrugged his shoulders and gave Destiny a square look with his blood-red eyes, "N'thass' how Utah's clan got finished up, n'how it all came t'this."

"Well, then I suppose our clan has Utah to thank for the canned goods we took from the stash after clearing what was left outside. They got disinterested and left when the sun came up. If you want, I'll tell the safehouse to give you some, seems you did earn it." Destiny stood up from her makeshift chair, and approached Asher once more. "I think that that qualifies for my gift, in any case, Mister Asher."

Mister Asher arched a brow as he pushed himself up off the floor. "N'wass that? More sentiment?"

"No" Destiny answered plainly, getting closer to Asher than before, and giving him a kiss on the lips, before pulling away, grinning. "Rethink your ideas about the world, and we may talk more." The blonde said, walking through the door Asher had been moving toward moments before, out into the brighter lights of the morning sun, where the sounds of the maintenance droids could be heard, cleaning up the bodies of dead mutants and ex-survivors alike.

"Oh yeah, she fuckin' wants me."

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Re: (Asher) A Brush with Destiny

Post by Kokuten » Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:55 pm

Six months later...

The Tyrna Heights Hotel was one of the ritziest hotels in Surdan City before the Drathonian betrayal over a decade ago. It's angular walls and shape allowed each deluxe suite to have it's own terrace balcony, overlooking the Southern Park and it's glittering lake. Only the most opulent of people could afford to stay in such a place, with it's round-the-clock service and in-room mini-bar. Today, one of Surdan City's poorest citizens was renting out the entirety of the building for himself. Asher was mainly using it as a temporary home to store supplies and his collected knicks and knacks, but right now, most of his supplies had worn out. Being an outcast in a post-apoctalyptic society didn't have too many perks, one of them lacking was having other people gather food when you didn't have time.

Though, all these thoughts only brought Asher to grumbling as he stepped into Suite 12, a can of Jamjell's Rooster-Noodle Soup in his hand. It was his last ration, unexpectedly. Most of the time he kept good stock of his food, but it seemed that a can would go missing every now and then. That, or he was sleep-eating again. Still, a man had to eat, and since there were no women, he had to cook, too. He turned the electric stove on, and let it warm up as he jammed his KABAR knife into into the can's top.

"I eitha' hunt wit' a full stomach tonight, or an empty one in tha' mornin'." murmured the Surandanian as he set the jaggedly opened can on the stove's eye. With a sigh, he stepped over towards the terrace of the Suite, looking at the setting sun over the dead tree-line of Southern Park, the glistening lake, still glistening thanks to the efforts of the city's robots. For only a moment, it felt like life wasn't hell and Surandan wasn't a shithole.

Oddly enough, the bell for Asher's room would ring, and the intercom lit up, a face appearing on it's screen, staring with one eye into the camera, as if they didn't know what it was exactly. The face belonged to a rather attractive blonde, one which Asher had now become Familiar with.

"Hey, You! Lone Wolf! Someone's been jacking all the canned goods. It wasn't you was it?" she accused, beating on the panel, causing the image to flicker and fizzle out for a moment before returning. "Let me in there so I can make sure it wasn't you, or I'm making my own way in!" she demanded, crossly, this time kicking at Asher's door, causing it to thud slightly, even past the soundproofing.

"Damn it that woman's got some legs." said Asher, unsure which meaning he trully meant behind that statement. The Surdanian native sighed as he left his terrace view and walked across the room. He took a short look at the awaiting blonde for a moment, before tapping the intercom button on his end. "Listen' Den Motha', I told you a few months back, n'every month after that f'you n'ya Circle of Friends t'leave me alone. We had a deal, rememba'?"

After that, Asher hit the white button marked 'DnD', next to his call button. With that, a wide holographic window abruptly opened infront of the door with the words 'Do Not Disturb' on them. Below the Times New Roman text, was an animated figure of Tyrna Heights maid wagging her finger at Destiny.

Destiny kicked the projector on the door, shattering the small electronic device and causing the sign to fizzle out, accompanied by another thud on Asher's side, louder this time, before she looked around, finding a vent near the ceiling. Within a few moments, the woman had made her way into the vent and was crawling around, making her way into the suite, somehow turning around in transit. Once she reached a grate, she kicked it off with a loud clang, sending the metal piece flying across the room. It hit the wall, but not before she had dropped to the floor and began angrily looking around for food- only to find that Asher had nothing but a single can of soup that was busy being cooked.

"What the hell? You're out of food too?" she exclaimed, incredulous. "I think someone's stealing it."

"Yeah, n'I think I know who's doin' it." Asher spat bitterly, unholstering his SMG and aiming at Destiny. Though the laser weapon looked like beaten up wreck of a weapon, the glow of the emitter inside the barrel was real enough. "I been wonderin' why my can's been dissappearin' out a locked room. N'you juss' so happen t'be lithe enough t'slip in through those vents? Bitch, I thought I told you to leave me alone." It was harshly apparent that despite the easiness between them over the last six months, he still didn't trust the lovely woman.

"I'm no thief." Destiny answered, glaring at the goatee'd man. She put a hand on her hip and leaned on one leg, assuming a pose that meant business of some kind. "And besides, if I was going to take your food, I'd probably kill you first to make it easier on everyone." she looked around, noting how Nice the place Asher had chosen was- not quite as roomy or really as secure as the Safehouse where Destiny and a few other survivors lived, but it was nice.

"How about this: You help me figure out who's stealing all our food, and we'll split what we can recover with you and then leave you alone for real."

"Bullshit. F'one? I've had t'deal wit' y'people a few times ova' tha past month, not mentioning the few times I've seen you. F'two? I don't trust you." growled Asher, completely neglecting the fact that the can on the stove was his last source of food in storage. It was strange how such a woman could cause a man to feel so conflicted. The fallen world said don't trust her, her face said do trust her, and everything else said lewd things that couldn't be repeated.

"Whatever. Then I'll find whoever it is myself and you can starve to death for all I care." Destiny answered, rolling her eyes in annoyance and turning towards the door- it was odd how Asher's SMG hadn't even caused her to worry for a second. Almost as if she knew something about it that he either didn't, or was hoping she hadn't.

BitchBitchBitchBitchBitchBitchBitchGodDamnitBitchBitch... went Asher's hungry mind as Destiny just threw not only his defiance, but even his threats aside like they were nothing. In the course of 12 seconds, he had to resist the urge of snapping her neck out of anger. He visibly shook for a moment, his rage tipping the balance over, before he settled back down. "Okay. So if you are lookin' f'someone, I want t'put my own condition down." The solitary soldier looked away from her, eying his cooking can of beans. "That is, if y'still want it."

"Well, as the only other... Normally successful hunter in the entire city, I think you're probably the only other person who could find someone who's been stealing food, so, Sure." Destiny responded, stopping just shy of opening the door and leaving. She turned her head back to look at the shorter man, but was still mostly facing away from him.

"Alright, if. If we find this guy, girl, thing? I get t'kill'm. No questions." requested Asher, nodding his head in somewhat comfirming manner. "If the theif admits t'stealin' tha' cans, he, she, it is dead, got it?"

Destiny turned back around, as if thinking for a moment. "Fine. Deal." She called, turning around and walking back toward the outcast. "I've already searched all the usual caches, they've all been cleaned out, like someone found them and took everything, several years worth of food. We still have roof gardens and the like, but it's not quite enough yet, so, this is important." She thought for a bit, thinking back on her jaunts looking for either more food, or the missing food.

"Have you seen anything odd on your trips? I doubt the Mutants would go for canned goods, but we can't really rule that out either. I just don't think they'd leave us alive." she asked, trying to think of where they could search.

"Well, I been noticin' a can or two dissappearin' from time to time. When they steal from my stash, it's lil'bits at a time, like they're tryin' to do it without me knowin' it." said Asher, stroking the hair spike on his chin. "Though, do you're people do any searchin' in my area? I've seen a guy every now n'then, sorta skirtin' the sidewalks n'rooftops, but I juss' assumed he was from your group."

"We only have one guy who's old enough to search alone, and he's missing an arm, so he doesn't go out much." Destiny answered Asher's question, before getting to the one about the food. "I think they've been doing the same with our main food stash- we've still got enough, but there's a lot missing from our inventory." She thought again, remembering seeing someone from a distance several times. she had though it was Asher, but now that she thought about it, he looked a bit thinner than the man standing before her. "I think I've seen your man, too."

"Yeah? Well, less' hop--..." Asher drifted off as soon as he began to speak. Footsteps. He heard footsteps. Judging by the flat sound, and pace, it was a human with boots like his and Destiny's. It wasn't on the same floor, though, it was the one below. He looked a Destiny, staring at her for a moment, seeing if she was catching the same sound.

The blonde indeed heard it too, but was very confused- with the level of soundproofing in this building, they could still hear it, almost as if it were multiple people walking in step. Destiny whispered to Asher, trying not to drown out the thudding noise of boots. "I think our quarry may have come to us..."

"Good..." Asher breathed the words, "Iss' been a while since I killed something otha' than a mutant..." He looked around, trying to find a decent spot to hide. The Surandanian took note of the empty food stash down the hall. His brain, while not the smartest, was usually very tactical. "C'mere..." He waved Destiny over to the couch, which normally faced towards the terrace. Like all the furniture in Tyrna Heights, they bases had pads on the bottom that could move the furniture with ease. So, the small, but muscular male spun the couch around, having the flat-side, which was easy to hide behind, facing the terrace, but allowing him to be close enough to the path way to the empty stash without being seen. He crouched behind the cover and decided to wait.

Desitny pulled out a number of throwing knives as she followed Asher to hide behind his couch. Eventually, the thudding of the footsteps stopped, replaced by a dull scraping noise, before a bit more silence. Within a few minutes, however, a noise almost as if of a mouse could be heard in Asher's hallway. Destiny peeked over the couch's edge, and noticed a few of the large tiles lifting up and moving, and so she ducked back down, signalling to Asher that there was movement in the hallway.

"Listen, I don't know why we're going through so much trouble to steal this guys stash." said one of the intruders, their voices becoming evident as they formed an opening from their ceiling into Asher's floor. "I mean, isn't this just a 'little' risky? I mean, more risky than normal."

"It's less risky than the mutants, and a helluva lot easier than dealing with the gangs in Tenguska." the other man countered, shoving his floor tile out of the way and pulling himself up into the hallway. "B'sides, the dude's gone by every night hunting anyway. Not that he'll find much. Heh heh heh."

"Y-yeah! But, this isn't like Tenguska! This guy lives alone. I've been scouting around the place, and I only see him coming in and out." said the other, fretted fellow as he pulled himself up from the floor, "Jerry, there are only two kinds of people that live alone on this planet, and that's outcasts, and psychopaths."

"Well, There's only one of 'im right? and there's /two/ of us. We got numbers on 'im." 'Jerry' answered, smacking the other on the back of his head. "N' B'sides, we've been jacking food from this place for a couple weeks. He hasn't found us yet." the man chided his partner, before walking down toward the other end of the hallway. "Well F*** me with a rusty spoon, He's cleaned out his stash. Maybe he's gone. Whaddya say to searchin the whole place to see if'n he's left sommat behind?"

Asher had decided he had enough. The cautious intruder had decided to stay behind instead of actually following his buddy down the hall. So, Asher rounded the couch quietly while the other man stared after his friend. The shorter male pulled out his knife, and then grabbed the back of the intruder's collar, pressing his knife against his neck, but with little enough force not to kill him.

"Outcasts n'psychos... eh?" Asher chuckled quietly.

"J-...Jerry!" the captured intruder's voice, sounding obviously distressed.

"What is it Blue- Aw F***." the man asked, turning around to see that the man who's home they had broken into hadn't yet left for the day. Quickly, Jerry drew a pistol, pointing it at Asher threateningly. "I kin juss kill ya from here, bubs, so ya best drop 'im now." He said, calmly, before making a noise that sounded like muffled pain and surprise. He fell to the floor with a knife stuck in his throat.

"You can kill them both now, if you'd like, Asher, but I say leave the sissy alive so he can tell us where our food is." Destiny said, sheathing her other throwing knives.

Jerry, for his part, had dropped his gun and was now gurgling on the ground, trying to decide whether he wanted to try to pull the knife out of his bleeding neck or not.

God damn, that was sexy. thought Asher, thinking something he'd never actually credit Destiny for. He looked impressed for a moment, before his hostage started to squirm.

"Jerry!" 'Blue' began to cry, sniveling and whimpering at the sight of his comrade dying such a death. Though, he wouldn't have much time to comtemplate his mourning before Asher threw him down on the couch.

"Alright... Pal. I'm gunna ask ya some... stuff..." started Asher, before realizing he was not exactly the convincing type with words. At the very least, he didn't like to be leading the interrogation. He thumbed to the merciless Destiny, "She's gunna ask you some questions, n'every time she doesn't get an answer she likes? I'm gunna chop a finga' off."

Blue, in response, pissed himself.

"Asher, go deal with the other one, he's starting to bug me." Destiny asked. Truthfully, she was a bit disgusted and grossed out by what she had done, but felt it was necessary, so she was hiding her discomfort, instead turning towards Blue now. "So, Mister... Blue was it?" she began, pulling out her switchblade and skillfully playing with it in order to intimidate the man. "You've been stealing food from not only my friend over here," (the word Friend was said out of convenience more than truth) "but also my group of survivors and I." she leaned forward, the blade snapping into the open position. "We would really like to know where you've put it all. Perhaps we'll let you live if you do."

"P-Puh.... Please, just... don't let Jerry die! I'll tell you everything!" choked Blue through his sobs, "He's my only fri--"

Shunk! came a sound from the hall, which seemed to silence the gurgling and struggling from before.

"Oh... Oh god... oh god..." Blue began to panick, shaking uncontrollably as he feared the worst. Though, they were quickly comfirmed as Asher came by with a severed head and body. The shorter, beastly man dropped the head and body down into the hole, before looking over to Destiny. In all honesty, he looked as if he hadn't just beheaded a dying man.

"You get anything outta' him, Den Motha'?" asked Asher, wiping the blood off on his fatigues. Blue began quiver, shake, and shrink away from the red-eyed murderer, and looked over at 'Den Mother', hopping she would offer him some kind consolation or mercy.

"Here in Surdan, you either work with us, ignore us, Or die. Obviously, working against us falls into the Die category." Destiny explained to Blue, as his only offer of consolation. "So what will it be? Work with us, or die?" she asked, being kind enough to flip her switchblade closed and stand up, in a less menacing and more disapproving posture. She made sure to concentrate on Blue here, as Jerry's fate made her cringe a little, mentally.

As Destiny interrogated, Asher cleaned his blade in the sink, washing Jerry's blood off his hands as well.

"Okay... Okay..." answered Blue shakily, his hands not even daring to go for a weapon. Primely, he feared Destiny and Asher would kill him before he could do anything, secondly he was shaking so much, that he risked the chance of killing himself. "Tenguska... We're from Tenguska... About thirty miles south-east of here... It's a medium-sized city, but we've got a lot of gangs... Highly contested territory... Jerry and I..." the man choked another sob, "Jerry and I... we were just trying to find an easier way to live... so we came here and--..."

"Hey, dumbshit." chimed Asher from the sink, causing Blue to seize up in his seat. "I believe the lady is more concerned in where tha' foods at, and remembah..." Asher raised up the crimson-soaked Kabar, "Fingers."

"W-w-w-w-warehouse! It's all in a warehouse on the southeast edge of town! We have a safehouse down there! You'll find everything we stole, there." finished Blue, gripping the edges of the couches cushion's tightly. "That's... That's everything... Right?'

"Yes. Now, you have one more choice. Three choices to choose from, since I'm feeling generous today. You can either stay and help us, though we won't trust you for a while, Leave and go back to Tenguska, or Asher here can kill you." Destiny offered, staring into Blue's eyes as harshly as she could.

"Tch." Asher spat, drawing his longblade from it's sheath.

"I... I think I'll go back to Tenguska..." Blue looked down at his soiled pants. Honestly, he didn't want to be anywhere near this city any more. If only for a little while, he and his brother Jerry felt safe for once. "I still know some people from m-- Hhglk!" Blue choked again, but this time on an ounce of blood, as Asher pierced through the man's chest with the long blade.

"Aannnt," buzzed Asher, like it were a gameshow, "Wrong!. Thieves don't get to live, you little shit."

Blue could only manage a few, pained breathing noises, before looking up at Destiny. The sorry man had at least trusted her for a few moments. His baby-blue eyes managed a few more tears, as he strugged a hand up towards her. He almost laid the tip of his gloved finger on her before Asher twisted the long-blade in the man's chest, snuffing out his life. Then, with a flourish, the cold-blooded survivor pulled his blade out and flicked the blood off it's edge.

Destiny's eyes began to water as she watched the life drain out of Blue when Asher killed him in cold blood. Sure, she'd seen people die, and had even had to kill people she'd known, though they had always been in the beginning stages of mutation and no longer themselves. Somehow, just the way Asher had killed this man seemed so heartless and un-called for.

She nearly choked, and turned around, not looking at the man, breathing heavily. It was one thing to kill a man who was trying to kill you, but this just didn't seem right in the blonde's eyes. "Wh-Why did you do that?" she asked, not looking at Asher.

From behind her, she could hear the sound of a body being dragged, like before, and dropped down a hole.

"What? Did a blubberin' pair of blue eyes throw you off?" spat Asher, moving to the sink to clean off the longblade, "You agreed that we'd kill tha' ones responsible, and we did."

"That man was defenseless, and I doubt he was truly responsible." Destiny answered, simply staring at the blade as Asher washed it off. She had braced herself against one of the chairs, but had managed to stop the slight tremble. "The first one, yes, deserved that, but this man... I don't think that was right at all..."

"For someone who's lived so long on this shithole of a planet, you sure are trustin', aren'tcha?" replied Asher, wiping the blade clean. "What makes you think this stealin' shit wasn't his idea in tha' first place? What if he was some kinda fuckin' con-man?" The 'Lone Wolf' as he was called earlier turned, and looked over at Destiny, a certain bitterness lining his world-weary eyes. "You think that kinda' shit iss' forgivable? Stealin' food in this world iss' 'bout as bad as killin' someone. I mean look at my fucking stash." Asher pointed the blade over to the empty palette.

"They didn't leave shit. N'what? I'm supposed t'be fine with that?" spat the angry male.

"Every life is valuable in this world, can't you see that? Even if he stole some food, they stole it slowly. We still have a bit of food ourselves, because we make sure to plan ahead. They were probably expecting that you had done the same. A few tins of food a week really isn't too much to steal, it's just barely enough to live by." Destiny shook her head. "And besides, he told us where the extra has been stashed, he held up his end of the deal." with that, the woman got up, and, truthfully this time, left the room, going through the front door and walking down the hallway.

"Yeah, n'why is it that y'neva stay true to a deal wit' me? thought Asher, as he stepped over to his cooked Rooster Noodle Soup. With a bloodied rag, he sat down in his now completely wrecked apartment. He comtemplated what happened for a few moments, eating the noodles out of the can with his shoulder-mounted KABAR. As the sun slowly set, it dawned on him that he was without food for the night. Not only that, he was covered in blood, and two fresh bodies laid in the floor below him. With the natural light of the room slowly being replaced by the artificial light and outside darkness, Asher knew that tonight, would be a very long evening.

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