[Aside] A-Cup Angst

This is a space for in-character events that do not occur within the line of duty and/or did not fit into the "Daily Life" section as it played out. Threads herein are meant to supplement character development and flesh out the setting elements, but are not necessary to understanding the plot or characters involved. These events are to be considered canon unless otherwise noted.
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[Aside] A-Cup Angst

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It was another wonderful day on the Battle Hymn of the Republic, at least to Asher it was. The Surandanian loved his new life. Everyday a marine could wake up, eat a full-meal, do some work, eat another meal, do some more more work, eat, then sleep! It was amazing. In fact, they even gave people days off to where all someone did was do the eating parts. It baffled Asher on how immensely great this life was, and how they paid him to live it. It was as if this were his reward for surviving fifteen years of hell on Surandania. There had to be god, because this was almost too good to be true.

Still, this was one of those odd days where he had few things to do, and he had just finished his last errand for the day and was making his way back to his room. The Marine kept a brisk pace, dodging past people, and avoiding the occasional crowd. He found out quick that he hated being around large groups of people, so he avoided them most of the time. That's why he was heading for the number thirteen turbolift, no one used it, though he couldn't place exactly why that was. It was refreshing, though, to see those large elevator doors with the thirteen so neatly designed on to it. Almost home.

It was an aweful day on the Battle Hymn of the Republic, at least, for Cibo it was. In all honesty? Cibo hated her current job; her old one was much, much better. She longed for the days where marines dragged in captive Drathonians, strapping them down to the table so she could get them talking. Cibo shivered to the tingles of just thinking about the good times. But that wasn't the case these days. No, not anymore. Cibo was now an 'escort to a diplomatic envoy'. That meant she was a baby sitter who had to spy on her charge. It really sucked.

Still, Cibo did get the occasional laugh when something completely terrible happened to Yotruyan due to culture clash, or misunderstanding. The brawl the alien got into with a half dozen female marines over vampire novels was particularly entertaining. Yotruyan prefered Dracula, the girls chose Edmund. The shiny one. Thankfully, the alien was exhausted from the day's tour about the ship, the analysis on his quirks was done, and the report was turned in. Cibo's footsteps took her to her usual route into Turbolift XIII. Everyone else hated it, but it had never let her down before! She always savored the silent rides. Almost Home.

"Eh...?" Asher could hear it, he probably could've heard them a mile away, no matter how light they were. Footsteps. Someone was coming, and judging by the steady increase in volume, they were approaching here! To turbolift thirteen! The Surandanian scratched his chin, and suddenly became extremely anxious. Memories of mutants trailing his scent resurfaced, putting that sensation into the seat of his of his mind.

Ding! "You may now board."

"Bingo." said Asher as he slithered along the wall and around the opening of the elevator. He turned around and took a look at the floor-button panel, trying to find his deck.

All hope vanished as an arm came bursting through the nearly closed elevator doors, clawing at the occupant menicingly before smashing into the 'open' button. "Hey, asshole, try waiting for..." Cibo's rant stopped cold as she stared at the Surandan, her lips thinning out into a cold frown. Despite this though, she stepped in without a word, pressing the button for her floor and standing opposite the man, staring him down, arms crossed over her chest.

"Son of a fuck!" yelped Asher as he ripped his knife from his sheath and almost took to chopping Cibo's arm off, before realizing the arm was very human, and very Cibos. He quickly sheathed it, shrugging off the asshole comment off as he watched her enter and claim a spot over by the door. The Surandanian motioned himself on the opposite end, and then took a look over at the panel, pressing his own floor-button as well when the lift began to move.

"So... Uh... How you been, flatchest?" cheerily went Asher, cautiously at first, but in full Ashery goodness as he began to get more comfortable, despite the obvious poison in her stare.

Silence. At least the bastard would give her that, right? No. Not even that. Cibo's left eye twitched as the lowlife opened his mouth and made some sounds. The only thing that truely registered to her though, made her eyes narrow for a brief moment. And then she smiled. "Fine, thank you." She replied sweetly. "So." Cibo went on, her voice sweet and flirty.

"How you doing short stuff?" The hostile intelligence agent hoped she hit a nerve with the smaller man.

What was this? This girl could smile? She could experience some kind of goodness and fun? Perhaps he was wrong about her, or perhaps she was just shelling her bitch over with a facade of goodness and merry. He caught the short joke, locked on to it, even. Those kind of remarks didn't phase him anymore, considering he heard them all the time from his clan on Surandania. Though... People on the Hymn can never resist making a short stuff remark, or a shorty quip. He wasn't even sure what had pinched his nerve there, but he played it off.

"Not bad, washboard." he grinned back, crossing his arms behind his back, and stretching the front of his chest. "I get three fulls meal a'day, I ain't eva' bored, and I get t'kill somethin' every now n'then." He closed his eyes and went into a full stretch, letting out a grunting hum. One of his blood-red eyes opened to look at her as he went on, "How 'bout you? Still temptin' that scaley dude from mars or somethin'?

Oh, oh! Was that how it was gonna be? Was it?! Fine. Two could play at that game. Cibo was all cheery laughs and smiles as a hand casually went up to fan out her raven black hair. Her icy blue eyes though, kept locked onto Asher's red orbs. "I'm fine, thank you!" she happily replied. "But what's the big fuss about the food? It's not like you're growing anymore, you know?" Cibo licked her lips at that.

"Besides, I'd hate to see someone short become short and fat. Gotta watch your weight, you know?" She happily stood, bouncing on the balls of her feet like a school girl.

"Yeah, I know right?" said Asher, catching the rhythem of this verbal duel. He shrugged with a small smile, before placing his hands on firmly on his hips. "I mean, it ain't like some of us need some fat in certain areas. I mean, look at Dusty, she got plenty a fat where it counts. An' you! Y'got it..." He slowed down bringing up a finger to point at her, "You... Y'got some... Somewhere. Can't see it, but I bet iss' there. Maybe." He tapped his chin, "Maybe y' could eat offa' whateva' menu Brigg's is been eatin'."

"Hey...I think I'll take that piece of advice." Cibo replied thoughtfully. The tall intelligence agent put her hands behind her head and slowly sauntered through the small threshold of the turbolift, hips gently swaying. She stood there in front of Asher looking down from above the man while close, very close; his mouth was just about level with the top of her small bust. "You know, the three of us should get together sometime, maybe grab a bite together like you said." Cibo went on, now sliding in beside Asher.

"I'd really enjoy the company." She spoke into his ear, then brought up her elbow, and propped herself up using Asher's shoulder.

The bitch. If anything got Asher more steamed, it was him being used as an arm-rest, kickstand, or footstool. He was a man, not a piece of furniture! Oh Cibo, if she had been a man, he would've been punched in the sack, and then taken to the floor, where he would've kicked him repeatedly in the sack. But no, this was a woman, one the universe's delicate creatures, that required a certain kind finesse. His hand rose an and bent his arm behind his back before gliding it around her, caressing her butt as he went and then slenderly placed the rough hand on her thigh.

"Well..." he grinned a lecherous grin, "I'm good company anytime."

Cibo whirled on the man so that they were facing each other, hands reaching behind him, feeling up his back. Click. The handcuffs bound the two together, the key popping into Cibo's mouth. "I hope you like it like this, you know? There's just...something special when these are involved."

"Man, you're freaky." said Asher, his eyes widening at the sudden development. The girls back on Surandania were much less creative than this! "But hey, I'm all for--..."

The conversation was put to a halt when the elevator came to an abrupt halt, stopping on it's rapid transit ascent. It was enough to send them both up into the air a foot or two before putting them back down. Asher, usually a fairly acrobatic scout, found sworly mix of his previous situation and the current situation to cause him to lose his balance and send him to the ground. The lights dimmed out in the lift, and the red light came out, bathing everything in a bright red glow. Finally, there was a silence that Cibo could agree with.

Girlish giggling filled the small cabin, shattering the silence with an unnerving feel. The giggles slowly turned into sobs, becoming more and more desperate as the seconds ticked by. Cibo eventually went into hiccups, ceasing her weeping before trying to regain some of her dignity. How that would happen when handcuffed to Asher, nobody would really know. She sniffed back her tears and wiped her nose on the sleeve of her uniform before trying to speak, voice shaky. "I...Asher...I." Cibo's voice faded into a single weep. "Swallowed the key!"

She burst into tears again.

"Fuck damn it, flatchest!" growled Asher as he pushed himself up off the floor, slightly unsettled by her tears and shakiness. He lifted up his hand and looked at hers that was attached to him by the short chain link. The Surandanian had a feeling she was leading him on, being too friendly, but still, he tried to make light of the situation. "Say, ain't too bad, right? I mean, a lot worse people you coulda' ended up been cuffed to, yeah?"

The handcuffed Cibo rubbed an eye with her free hand while sniffing back the tears at Asher's words, seeming to find some sort of comfort in them. "I guess so. Yeah." She meekly replied to the Surandanian. "But still! I'm handcuffed to a short guy!" she sobbed out.

"What tha' hell iss' wrong wit' dat?" growled the Malifarian, poking Cibo in the chest. "Ain't like I got cuffed to a NFL cheerleada' or nothin', an' y'don't see me bitchin 'bout it!" He proceeded to shake the cuffed hand at her. "But nooooo... Flat chest 'ere had t'put on bein' sexy or somethin', and cuffin' me up."

Cibo snickered at the man in a rather snide manner. "And you had to go on being the rude little ass! It's partly your fault too you know!" she shot back at him. Even though the idea of being trapped with someone in an elevator was unappealing at first glance, and even more so if with Asher, she couldn't help but find it funny. "Besides, you were supposed to act disgusted or terrified like a normal person. But noooooo! You had to go on being the scum of humanity." Cibo then gave off a petite burp, punctuating her sharp words.


"Don't fuckin' oh me, bitch. I can't help I'm open-minded, 'specially, when it comes t'livin' wit' you sugar-puffed asses." He leaned forward, the red-light casting a devilious shadow with what little shine his unnaturally red eyes gave off. "One, I ain't scared a'shit, that includes you, flat ass. Two, who tha' fuck carries these things around!?" He picked up his arm and shook the cuff in her face. "Three, you're tha' one shakin' y'little hips and cuffin' me." His finger tapped harder against her chest this time. "Y'don't send off signals like that. Iss' confusin'."

"C-confusing? Confusing?!" Cibo's voice rose. "How the hell was this all confusing?! A Normal person would have been creeped the hell out way, way before I pulled out my handcuffs!" She railed at him. The Intelligence Agent huffed, pouting her lips. "Besides. I'm Intel." Cibo spoke in a pompous manner, turning to look away from the man with an air of superiority. "These work on Terrans and Drathonians." She opened an eye and looked at Asher with a purple glance.

"And don't bother trying to shoot it off with your sidearm. You'll just hurt me."

Asher leaned forward, pushing himself up, and grabbing her collar, bring her face down to his level. In fact, he made contact with his forehead and the closest part of her head, his delinquent face coming on.

"A normal person don't go around cuffin' people and swallowin' tha' key, fuck damn it! You ain't no normal person, so don't go shootin' off at me f'not actin' normal." he growled, his voice raising in turn. He was getting sick of her high and mighty attitude in this situation. "For a spook, you sure are fuckin' dumb! Who tha' hell taught you how t'restrain people? A dominatrix? Eh? Eh??"

"Oh, so you think you're smarter?" She went on, pressing her forehead against his. "Who's the shorty that started this whole mess with a Spook of all people to pick a fight with?" Cibo inhaled sharply though clenched teeth before going on, voice now icy cold.

"When we get out of here. We're going to settle this, you hear me?"

"Oh? You wanna fight, you unattractive, featureless bitch?" snarled Asher, leaning back and slapping his forehead on hers with renewed anger. Despite all the anger and frustration building between them, the mention of a brawl began to incite a certain excitement in him. It lit up that joyous feeling of hand-to-hand combat. "I'll lay your borin' body all ova' tha' floor right now!"

"Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try, with every single finger on your hands snapped." Cibo hissed at him. The Intelligence Agent then used her height to pull the shorter man up at the same time she threw her head down, headbutting the Surandanian before doing her best to pin him to the floor.

Suddenly the taller woman was reeling him down to the flat surface below them. His head was still spinning a little from the headbutt. He had to admit, for a woman, she knew how to use that head. Though, there was little time to reflect on that as he went down to the floor. With what little control he had, his free arm went up, trying hold her up as he placed his boot under torso, pushing her off with his leg with a harsh thrust of his boot.

Cibo braced for the kick as the standard issue boot pressed up on her chest, grabbing onto and violently yanking on the handcuff in an attempt to break Asher's wrist before rolling off to the side and trying to scramble on top of him again. She kept on yanking on her handcuff, wrestling him about while trying to land a few solid punches on his face. "Like." A punch. "I'm" The sound of flesh against flesh. "Going to loose to you!"

Punch after punch landed on Asher's face, bouncing his head off the hard floor below him. She hit hard, too, and had a strong advantage. It was all becoming a little blurry, what with the extreme head trauma, but he could still feel well enough. The yanking at his wrist hurt, but he had suffered worse. The Surandanian seemed to lie there, taking the beating, before grabbing the chain of the cuffs tightly, stopping her yanking. Then, instead of throw his fist back up, it went to the edge of her face. With all the strength in his large, muscly arm, he dug his fingers in and slammed Cibo's head into the floor next to him.

As stars burst across her vision, something floated across Cibo's mind. 'Why the hell did I forget to wear my suit? As she lifted her head up from the floor, she groggily brought it down into the Surandian's stomach before twisting herself about, using his counter-pull to quickly thrust her arms under; one beneath the neck, and the other at the small of his back. She somewhat lifted him off the ground before slamming him back down, using the opportunity to straddle him.

This woman was a beast! She moved faster than most mutants he had ever encountered, and she fought like a cornered animal. Her knuckles weren't serated, but they hit pretty hard. Still, he wasn't in all that much pain, despite what he had just gone through. Most of the stunned expression he wore as she sat on top of him was simply part of how she managed to do it. He brought a hand to guard himself, and continued to keep hold of the chain.

"That..." he breathed, wide-eyed in awe and excitement." That... That was sexy."

Cibo simply sat there on top of Asher, staring down at the man. She felt like crap. There were going to be bruises, obviously. Her head banging against the floor may have given her a concussion; Cibo wasn't very sure. And there was ringing in her ears. "Sorry, say again?" She asked incredulously. "I think you screwed up my hearing or something when you hit me in the head."

"You heard me." said Asher, a small smile creeping on his face as he held up his guard. He laughed a little bit, which despite his shorter size, his thickness would make her bounce a bit. "You fight like a fuckin' caged beast. You had me on tha' floor, wailin' an punchin' like a pro. You lifted me from tha' floor and slammed me down wit' no help, and did it all wit' tha' speed of a fuckin' hornet." It almost seemed like he couldn't believe it himself, what with his own slight disbelief. "That had t'been tha' sexiest thing I eva' seen a woman do."

A long silence came from Cibo's end as she sat on top of him, contemplating how to even comprehend this man. He was, was....as alien as the damned alien she was stuck to for most of the time. But in Terran form. "Asher, I don't even..." The battered and bruised woman looked up at the turbolift's ceiling and gave on an explosive sigh. At that moment, the turbolift lurched upward a few inches, and opened it's doors with a 'ding'. She froze. And slowly turned to look out of the elevator cabin.

"We'll take the next one." A random person spoke. The doors hissed close. Cibo looked down at the man, before realizing what it must hae looked like to the others, scrambling off of him.

The Surandanian laid on his back for half a minute or so after Cibo had climbed off. He had still been looking at the opening door, before it closed. Feeling the tug again, he pushed himself up off of the floor and sat down on his butt. He was still breathing rather heavily. The air felt a little awkward with that interruption, and he had lost his train of thought. He blinked a few times and took a look a the link that had still bound them.

"So... uh... yeah." said Asher, before looking up at Malinowski. "You wanna' keep goin'?" It almost sounded suggestive, but the true meaning was obvious enough.

Cibo half raised a fist before letting it drop. What was the point? She coughed a few times before looking up at the display. "My floor's up, since we missed yours." The battered and bruised Intelligence Agent struggled onto her feet before bending over and pulling the red eyed man up by the arms. "Got..." She paused to catch her breath. "Got spare keys in my room. Don't make too much of a fuss, ok? The person I'm sharing the apartment with might be snoozing in her room since she's got the night shift."

"So..." another sharky grin spread across Asher's face. If it weren't for the fact he was Terran, someone could swear he had shark teeth to go with such a smile. He seemed to let that hang for a moment, though as he played with his hands in a faux-bashful way. "Uh, what if she ain't home, eh?" He gave her a knowing stare with a chuckle that was forcefully reserved. "Can we, uh... Heh... Make a fuss?"

Cibo gave a bitter look at Asher.


With that done and over with, Cibo was laying back on her bed. She was tired. Bruised. Her lip was cut and a beat was pulsing through her skull. In the end, had 'Good Old Number 13' let her down? She sighed and looked to her left.

"Man. Dis' bed iss' a lot more comfy than tha' one I got." said Asher, looking over at Cibo, rubbing at one of the bruises on his face lightly. "That somethin' you gotta work in? Or did you juss' get a softa' bed?"

"Mmm. It's a perk of being Intel. We get things." She looked back up at the ceiling in thought before speaking to the man again. "You know. I guess I can kinda empathise with you. I mean. I got a size problem, and you got two. I feel bad for you."

"Whattaya been stickin' in there? Cannon balls?" said Asher, rubbing his chest gently. He closed his eyes for a moment, but gave her a look out of one eye. "I think I'm the one with one size problem, and you are tha' one wit' two size problems."

"What?" Cibo spoke flatly.


In the room over, Lolita tried to go back to sleep, the pillow scrunched over her head as the noise went on again. Though she was mute, the buxom marine really wished she was deaf right now. The marine thought she heard somthing smash, but just curled up more tightly in her bed.

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