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Humanoid race, roughly 2 meters tall, typically darker skin tones ranging from blue and purple to mahogany


Sabeline are considered a vampiric race, that is, they are Hemophiles, and tend to drink blood, although they also have a normal omnivorous diet. Long lifespans tend to be the norm, and they have a strict adherence to hierarchical structures in society. They take orders very well.

Sabeline culture has a very proud military history, and centers around familial and clan relationships, with the government being that of whichever clan currently holds the greatest political clout at any given time. These clans typically place a lot of importance on pride and honor, with prestige coming from great feats of power such as military victories, large scale public works, or resolutions of oft long-lived conflicts.

Sabeline have a fairly strict naming system, which is summed up as a three part name being the clan name, which is combined with the family name using an apostrophe, and then followed by an individual's given name. Clan names are typically a single syllable, usually three letters long when rendered in Terran, and the family name is usually two syllables, rendered with four letters in Terran. the given names are also usually short, starting with the same sound as the clan name, and are often rendered with five Terran letters, though this has more variance than the clan/family names. Examples of names are as follows:

  • Kin'Etta Ketta
  • Del'arma Doral
  • Gen'aste Geera
  • Kir'stor Kestra

Some Sabeline are known to take on 'Terran' Names, for various reasons ranging from a desire to distance themselves from their families or their native culture, or simply as nicknames to make it easier on their peers. Terran-ized names such as these are often chosen for their perceived power or an association with the individual's career, others are simple Terranizations of their actual names. Sometimes, they may even go by the name of an object or item that they like, such as a favorite food, or activity.

Notable Sabeline

  • N/A
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