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The Drathonians, are a large, diverse race of reptilian-like aliens. They are Sentient, and capable of higher thought, with rampant individualism in their society. When first encountered, they chose to act like a benevolent species, but after a few centuries of coexistence with the Terrans and other races in the Milky Way, they caused a series of wars that ultimately brought them to dominance in the galaxy. The last race to be betrayed, Terrans have recently begun fighting back against the race once they counted as their allies.

General Characteristics

In General, Drathonians are large, reptilian creatures, and most types are Bipedal, with two arms, two legs, and a tail. Drathonians, as a race, developed to cope with Voranite, and are very hardy, with thick, tough, chitinous scales or shells. They often have sharp claws and crests or spikes, and are physically quite strong in comparison to their size. Drathonians, however, generally have low stamina unless augmented in some way, and many are incapable of sweating, decreasing their performance in hot climates as they have trouble getting rid of excess heat.

Drathonians can often be found with unique adaptations or mutations, though these are often unnatural, as Drathonians will often modify themselves or others around them in attempts to create effects that other races such as Terrans create via technology. Drathonians generally do not use external technology, preferring to breed or grow traits to solve problems, rather than making an external device to solve the problem.


  • Drathoni - Your basic Grunt Drathonians
  • Dragoni - 'Moonies', the Spies of the Drathonians. Psychologically unstable, skittish.
  • Drakoni - Technicians. Small, intelligent, highly skilled, very hyper.
  • Dactyli - A Flying type similar to Drathoni in other aspects.
  • Deuce - A Large type of Drathonian mainly used as a beast of burden. Shaped like a husky Anklyosaurus.
  • Dragoon - A Drathoni with weapons grafted into its body
  • Draken - Essentially a living starfighter. produces plasma from a special organ, and doesn't need oxygen to survive.
  • Tyrant - A very large type, which can spit fire from a special organ. Often have grafted weapons. Basic body form like a T-rex, but bigger arms.
  • Spitters - Small Drathonians that spit Voranite acids.
  • Hammerbeast - A Deuce with a cannon grafted to its back. often used as artillery.
  • Boomers - Humans that have been tortured, mutilated, and mutated into living bombs. Give them peace before they get to you.
  • Spikers - A densely spiked type of Drathonian. approach from the front, as they can shoot their spikes at high speed and force.
  • Zappers - A Type of Drathonian that can produce enough electricity to shoot with the force of a lightning bolt.
  • Whizzers - A type of Drathonian that can generate and fire self-guided missile-like objects.
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