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The Druid Order

The Druid Order is a College of Magi that has existed for centuries. Founded as early 2000B.C.E. by Adarc the First Grand Druid, the Order has fostered the study of arcane artes. Governed by the Druids' Council, the Order seeks to keep the natural forces of the world in a state of balance. With a strong emphasis on tradition, history, and unity the Order gives the magically adept inducted into the ranks an outlet to study and cultivate their knowledge about the world and the magics that exist within it.
The Order hesitantly became a division of the Occultus Magica around 500AD, after the Order was severely weakened by internal strife and persecution from external sources.


  • The Druids’ Council consists of a body of elder members from the Order. One representative is taken from each Circle through a hybrid process of nomination votes and executive delegation. The Council regulates the practices of each Circle and conducts negotiations with the Occultus Magica.
    • Council Members:
      • Arch Druid Silas Clarke
      • 1st Seat Erik Fairfax
      • 2nd Seat Meredith Bankes
      • 3rd Seat Martin Filmonte
      • 4th Seat Hubert Seth
      • 5th Seat Mealla Brennan
      • 6th Seat Cecil Mac Lochlainn
      • 7th Seat Nolan Burne
      • 8th Seat Johnathan Dirk
  • The 1st Circle is the Circle of Sages. The Sages are the wisest of the Druids, and are the ones in charge of chronicling the collective history of the Druid Order as well as all facets of Elemental magic. They are the historians of the Order and often work as professors.
  • The 2nd Circle is the wonderful circle of Magical Accounting for the Druid Order. What is Magical Accounting? Don't ask. Trust me… 4 dimensional chalk boards…
  • The 3rd Circle handles the magical based research for the Order. Covers research into culture, as well as development of new spells
  • The 4th Circle
  • The 5th Circle is the Circle that consists of the Order's Keepers. Keepers act as the Council's right hand, and are the most active Circle outside of the Order. In a way they can be considered the law enforcement agency as they seek to limit improper use of magic, quell magical threats to innocent civilians, and handle any rogue members within the Order. There are roughly fifty Keepers worldwide plus a few proxies, and they are distributed by regions of governance. They are considered to be the Druid police force. Ruarc Flynn belongs to this Circle, and is the Keeper for the Irish isle.
  • The 6th Circle
  • The 7th Circle
  • The 8th Circle is the Circle in charge of handling mythical creatures that could prove to be dangerous or unsettling to normal citizens. They jobs consist of either harboring these creatures in designated areas, cordoning off zones to act as reserves, or, if need be, hunt down excessively dangerous creatures. Although since the Druid Order was absorbed as a branch of the Occultus Magica, the 8th Circle clashed with the Faunae branch of OM. So in resent years the Circle has taken over the job of mythobiologists and primarily focus on the study and preservation of mythical creatures. When the need arises that a creature does need to be subdued, the task is typically passed on the the 5th Circle to handle. Such as the case in 1951 when a dragon broke loose of its holding area and began terrorizing the Southern coast of Ireland. The dragon was subsequently taken down and subdued by the Keeper Niall Flynn.
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