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Ruarc Flynn - Druid: Caster/Rune crafter

“As much as I complained about coming here [to Japan] I am actually quite grateful. This world is so much larger and complex than I gave it credit for, and I am learning so much more than I could have by just staying in Ireland. Thanks to this assignment I am becoming knowledgeable in Japanese, but admittedly I am not really sure how useful it will be back in the West. I am even making friends with a good group of folk whom I would never would have met otherwise. So in hindsight I could probably go so far as to say I am indebted to the Council for giving me this station, and maybe even thankful to dad.” ~~~Ruarc making idle conversation with Raiko while tending to the grounds.

Name: Ruarc Flynn
Gender: Male
Heritage: Irish Celtic
Hometown: Legan, County Longford, Ireland
Age: 28
Birthday: December 2nd
Character Theme: See What I've Become
Magic Type: Inherited/Learned
Purity: Mostly Pure
Active status: Active
Ranking: A+
Role: Tank - Ruarc can generally be found right up in the action as he uses his constitution, sturdy frame, and defensive abilities to absorb enemy damage.


Primary Abilitiy: Spell Casting — Ruarc has the learned ability to read from his Ancestral Tome. The Tome has written in it a wide range a spells that have been added over the centuries ranging in effects from granting himself or an ally skin as durable as stone, to elemental manipulation, and even subliminal control over another person. The only problem with this is that each entry keeps a unique writing style that Ruarc must learn before being able to use the spell effectively. He primarily uses Earth and Fire manipulation, as well as a few team buffs and healing abilities.

Secondary Ability: Runology — Ruarc has the ability to craft runes, which like the Tome give him access to magic spells. This sounds nice, but the more advanced a spell is the more difficult the rune is to craft. Ruarc mainly uses this ability to craft protection runes and health runes. These runes can be carved into most anything, but the most common medium are disk shaped stones as well as certain weapons.
Common Runes (Various effects can be achieved based on the combination of runes used):

  • Purify - Cleanses corruption and curses from afflicted bodies.
  • Heal - Channels benevolent energy into a wounded body to promote rapid regeneration.
  • Dispel - Negates magic in the area the rune is activated.
  • Deny Magic - Increases resistance to magical energies (most common on armors, robes, and clothing).
  • Deny Elements - Increases resistance to natural energies and elements (most common on armors, robes, and clothing).
  • Fire - Creates a jet of flame.
  • Wind - Creates a gust of strong wind.
  • Shock - Creates an arc of powerful electricity.
  • Light - Creates a ball of briliant light.
  • Calm - Promotes feelings of peace and tranquility, granting one a clear mind even in troubling times (common on charms and accessories).
  • Vigor - Promotes feelings of energy and alertness, granting one renewed stamina in times of crisis (common on charms and accessories).
  • Known Limits: Ruarc has not yet learned all the dialects used in his Tome and therefore is unable to access most of his magic. The magic he has access to in his Tome takes time to cast as he must recite the spell in Celtic, and if he is interrupted his casting fails.
  • Affiliation: Good
  • How powers were granted: Ruarc was given the position as Keeper of the Druid Council. As Keeper, Ruarc is tasked with the knowing and reciting the history of the Celtic people, as well as keeping the old magics alive and to carry them on to future generations. As such, when he turned fifteen he was presented with the Ancestral Tome, a book that contains the written history of the Celtic heritage for the Irish people along with every spell created by Keepers of past generations.
  • Skill level: 30
  • Power level: 20-25 (varies based on complexity of spell)
  • Control: +5-10


* **Appearance:** 
  • Ruarc has a fair build and looks like a stereotypical member of academia that belies a strength and endurance built up through living self-sufficiently in a Druid lifestyle. This outward appearance belies his strong constitution and sturdy frame which allow him to take a lot of punishment before collapsing. He is 6'3“ tall and weighs approximately 155lbs. He has creamy white skin, the only variation on his face being the Keeper's Mark tattooed on his right cheek. His left eye is a soft hazel brown while his right eye is light green and bears his family's magical seal. The symbol stand for both “past” and “future”. He also bears a scar on his left forearm that runs from the top of his wrist to the underside of his elbow, and he does what he can to keep it hidden as it seems to bring him a feeling of shame. When asked about it he tries to downplay it or change the subject, talking about it makes him uncomfortable and often time irritable. It somehow plays into the feelings of disdain he harbors for his father, Conall Flynn.
  • He has thick chestnut brown hair that he typically keeps tied back in a ponytail, but otherwise it comes down to just past his shoulder. He most always has a pair of reading glasses on, but when in public he has to keep a pair of prescription sunglasses on to hide the seal on his right eye.
  • Fun fact: Despite Ruarc's frequently being the victim of misunderstandings and language barriers he is in fact fluent/versed in multiple languages. Many of the languages have only limited applications however. The languages Ruarc currently knows best include: Irish, Old Gaelic, Scottish, Welsh, English, Latin, and some German, French, and Norwegian. Most of what he knows has revolved around using the languages for study and minor communication within the Druid society. Since his assignment to Japan, Ruarc considers Japanese to now be on the list of languages he knows, and his increased social interactions have made him begin seeking to become completely fluent in more languages.
  • Personal life: Ruarc is now in a committed relationship with Kokoro Raiko
  • Job: Ruarc works as a live-in groundskeeper at the Kokoro estate. On the side he has invented a simple game he calls “Beat the Bird” where he sets up a small table on the side of the street and offers passersby the chance to bet against Laoise for simple prizes, such as fortunes and handmade knickknacks. “Beat the Bird” generally consists of a small variety of games including ones like the shell game and several different card tricks.
  • Personality: Ruarc has a fairly mild personality. He favors a slow pace to a fast one, and he would rather spend his time reading by a tree than stand in the middle of a crowded shopping center. While he is fairly docile most of the time he can be snarky around friends, and when the situations calls for it he can be very stubborn and obstinate.
  • Magical Item: Ancestral Tome, rune stones(varied abilities and affects)
  • Magical Outfit: The Keeper's Cloak was presented to Ruarc along with the Ancestral Tome. The cloak is the symbol of Ruarc's job and rank within the Druid Order. The Keeper's Cloak is a light, earthy brown hue, and has a red bordered that is embroidered with wards and runes.
  • Familiar: Laoise (pronounced LEE-sha) — A white dove. Whenever a new Keeper is named, the Druid Order sends a representative to select a new born animal to become the Keeper’s Guide. The Guide stays with their Keeper until the day the Keeper passes on.
  • Captured inventory: The Ancestral Tome, an assortment of marked rune stones, and a pouch of unmarked stones.

Spells (Not counting runes)

Listed are main combat spells known by Ruarc, but he also possesses a number of others that are primarily for travel and domestic tasks. (listed from simplist to most complex)

  • Wind Step: Primarily used for traversing long distances. Like a bird with a tailwind, the caster becomes faster, has enhanced stride length, and physical fatigue is instead magical fatigue.
  • Incantation: Ag mo dhroim na gaoithe
  • World Step: A difficult varient of Wind Step. This spell was created to help higher ranking Druids traverse extreme distances. It requires a great deal of concentration and energy to utilize, as well as a lot of practice to get close to the desired destination.
  • Incantation: Síneann an domhan os mo chomhair
  • Lightning: Sends out a bolt of lightning. Ruarc can alter the intensity from a small spark to a large bolt. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to imbue physical objects with electricity.
  • Incantation: Turraing
  • Gale: Unleashes a hurricane of intense wind. Ruarc can alter the intensity. Higher skill and power offers short-distance semi-controlled flight (high and long jumping more or less).
  • Incantation: Séideán láidre
  • Blindness: Throws a dark curtain over a target's vision, preventing it from using its perception of sight. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to completely surpress all five of a target's senses.
  • Incantation: Daille de sin
  • Stone skin: Increases Ruarc's defense by making his skin as durable as rock. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to create a layer of stone to form over him like plate armor.
  • Incantation: Craiceann na cloiche
  • Warp Wood: Ruarc is able to bend wooden objects as though they were made of clay.
  • Incantation: adhmad mar chré
  • Spear of Light: Ruarc's staff glows with a brilliant light. Can be used to light the area, or to create a beacon of light when directed towards the sky.
  • Incantation: Leitstrahler
  • Ward: Creates a protective force that blocks incoming attacks. Can be broken through with enough force.
  • Incantation: Bescherm de kudde
  • Speak with Animals: Allows Ruarc to converse with animal life.
  • Incatation: Le labhairt i dteangacha
  • Wall of Thorns: Ruarc creates a rapid growth of dense brambles that impedes anyone who might try to pass through it.
  • Incantation: Cosaint an eolais
  • Animal Aspect: Ruarc can take on the vague appearance and qualities of an animal that he has taken time to study and analyze.
  • Forms:
    • Bird: Boosts magic reserves, and the effectiveness of healing magic
      • Incantation: Foirm de ghrásta
    • Badger: Makes Ruarc more durable
      • Incantation: Foirm neart
    • Cat: Make Ruarc more dexterous
      • Incantation: Foirm de aclaíocht
  • Fissure: Ruarc can bend and fracture stone to form pillars or walls, or he can sheer the stone and create a deep gash into the ground. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to move greater ammounts of stone.
  • Incantation: Cloch a oscailt agus a ithe
  • Dragon Fire: Ruarc unleashes of torrent of flames from his hands which take the form of a massive dragon. The dragon blasts forward and engulfs anything that stands in its way. Ruarc can manipulate the direction and intensity of the flames. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to cast a large ethereal fire dragon that will remain on the field and attack enemies.
  • Incantation: Créatúr na tine, theilgthe breithiúnas
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