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Mealla Brennan - Druid/Keeper Captain: Spell Casting/Rune Crafting

Gender: Female
Age: 30
Ethnicity: English
Hometown: London, England
Affiliation: Good
Purity: Pure
Magic Type: Inherited/Learned
Active status: Active (administrative)
Theme: Celtic Myst


Primary Ability: Casting

  • Mealla, as a Druid Keeper, has learned numerous incantations from her inherited Ancestral Tome. Through the use of chants she is able to produce an incredible variety of effects. Mealla has accumulated a large knowledge of spell, one of the largest outside of the Council Druids themselves.

Secondary Ability: Rune crafting

  • Mealla has one of the most extensive libraries of runes within the Keeper branch of the Druid Order, and even the Arch Druid has expressed how impressed he was with Mealla's collection.

Tertiary Ability: Administrative Pull

  • Mealla is still young compared to others who have held her office before her and so she does not share many of the stubborn tendencies of the older members of the Order. As such she has no problem using her rank to try to hem her bets, but only on matters that are in the best interest of the Order.

History: Mealla has long been considered by the Druid Council to be the poster child of the Order. She is a wellspring of information concerning the Old Ways and is quite knowledgeable about the histories and lore of all affiliated Celtic cultures; she was the protégé and star pupil of the Druid Lucius, her predecessor as Keeper Captain; and she embodies the mantra of the Order: “Order Unto Chaos”.
As the daughter of a British noble family that keeps ties with the Druid Order, Mealla has trained from a young age to be both scholarly and princess-like. However, much to the disdain of her parents Mealla developed a tom-boy personality, and instead of joining the Druids as a Sage the young girl chose to try her hand as a Keeper instead. This is when the wise Druid Silas Clarke, Southern Britain's resident Keeper, stepped up and said that he would be happy to take Mealla as his pupil.
Over the years of her training, Mealla made use of her headstrong demeanor coupled with her natural grace to make a name for herself within the Order even before she was an official member. With unwavering enthusiasm and an easy grasp when it came to magic Mealla proved herself to be a capable mage early on, and her noble poise got her into good standing with the Council members. So when she did become a full member of the Order, Lucius saw no issue with handing over his position as Keeper to his protege so that he could accept an offer to become a member on the Druid Council.
When she turned twenty-five, after ten years of service in both subduing magical misuse as well as invention of numerous new spells, Mealla was promoted to the chief position within the 5th Branch of the Druid Order, just under Silas himself. This was an exciting time for her as it gave her leeway appoint a proxy to the position of London's Keeper, and thus allowing her an opportunity to run off and travel to the various regions under Druid jurisdiction. However, seeing as London is a major city and therefore a “high crime” area when it comes to magic related issues the Druid Council put their collective foot down on Mealla's extended vacation, and while she is still able to travel, there is now a limit to how long she can be away.

Job: Mealla is the highest ranking Druid within the 5th Branch of the Druid Order, and as such she now acts as the manager of the 5th Branch and answers directly to the Arch Druid. Some of her duties include the following: distributing official missions to the Keepers, initiating new members into the 5th Branch, approving new Keepers into their posts, obtaining and inspecting the annual reports from the Keepers, managing liaisons and Order contacts, providing her own monthly reports directly to the Druid Council, and filling in on the Council in the event that the 5th Branch representative is unable to attend for any reason.

Skill level: 70
Power level: 55
Control: +15
Rank: S


Appearance: Mealla stands at a top height of 5'9“ and has a very fit physique. Thanks to her family life and training as a Druid, Mealla is both a force to be reckoned with as an opponent, as well as a very graceful lady of nobility (when she feels like it).
Magical Item: She carries with her a carved staff made of oak wood.
Magical Outfit: She wears a Keeper cloak that is a deep mahogany bordered with crimson. Runes are embroidered into the crimson border with gold thread.
Familiar: Artio the dormouse. Artio is named in playful irony after the Celtic bear goddess.

Personality: Mealla is a lively woman with an independence streak a mile wide, and her tom-boyish attitude lends itself to her unwavering confidence. This can most commonly be seen when she is to issue missions to her Keepers; as typically someone in her office would use messengers to handle the delivery of a parcel, but Mealla has always insisted on hand delivering each mission to the Keepers. She also tends to take a personal interest in the lives and missions of her Keepers, and thus provides occasional support to them while they are away on assignment.
As for the many men who would fancy themselves her suitor, well they are usually faced with either blatant rejection, or they back off once they begin to get a feel for her sporadic demeanor. Those who persist after rejection are then put in their place after a magic duel between the two parties, all of which to date have ended in Mealla's favor and lasted no more than a minute and a half. The few people who have been able to genuinely call themselves Mealla's friends know that her attitude towards the idea of being restricted stems from in insatiable case of wanderlust, and as such she has an aversion to anything that could hinder here freedom.


  • Mealla's staff
  • a sizable selection of runes
  • Artio, who has a love of curling up and sleeping in the folds of Mealla's cloak

Spells (Not counting runes)

This is just a very small glimpse at the vast library of spells that Mealla has learned over the years, and they are primarily used as a means of travel.

  • Wind Step: Primarily used for traversing long distances. Like a bird with a tailwind, the caster becomes faster, has enhanced stride length, and physical fatigue is instead magical fatigue.
  • Incantation: Ag mo dhroim na gaoithe
  • Phase Walk: Used to almost instantaneously traverse incredible distances. The caster becomes one with the world around them and is able to pass unseen through the physical world.
  • Incantation: N/A
  • Astral Form The caster's body becomes like that of a ghost. It remains visible, but it is transparent and unable to be harmed by physical means. With more power put into the caster is able to avoid all damage, even magical, but only for a limited time.
  • Incantation: Ļaujiet man iet pie spirtiem
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