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-====== Fiona Lori====== 
-**Gender:** Female \\ 
-**Age:** 25 \\ 
-**Ethnicity:​** Swiss \\ 
-**Hometown:​** Linthal, Switzerland\\ 
-**Affiliation:​** Good \\ 
-**Purity:** Mostly pure\\ 
-**Magic Type:** Learned \\ 
-**Active status:** Active \\ 
-===== About ===== 
-**Primary Ability:** Spell Casting 
-    * Like every Druid, Fiona has learned magic through the study and application of Old World knowledge, as well as experimentation to create her own spells to add to the ever growing knowledge base of the Druid Order. 
-**Secondary Ability:** Runes 
-    * Fiona has practiced with a variety of runes that she in turn applies to fit the situation. 
-**History:​** Fiona, unlike most Druids who seek to apply their lessons to affect the world around them, she is not a member of the Keeper branch of the Druid Order. She is in fact a member of the 3rd Branch, Magical Research. After working within the Research branch, Fiona determined that to properly develop magic beyond the confines of how the Druids utilize it, she must in fact go beyond the Order itself. This mindset seemed to have developed from an early age when she would travel around the world with her mother, a Druid with the Histories branch, who visited secluded areas of the world as she worked as an anthropologist as well. Fiona reflects her mother’s drive to learn more about the world than what the Druid histories tell.\\ 
-On one such trip to the Brazilian rainforest, Fiona turned fifteen and as such met her familiar. It was somewhat of a surprise to her since she did not actually meet her familiar until almost a month after her birthday, and made the discovery when she awoke one morning in her tent to find a baby sloth clinging to her arm. The sloth then greeted her with a, “Happy birthday.” Fiona named the sloth Ursel, meaning “Little bear” and goes everywhere with her sluggish friend in tow, the furry sloth riding comfortable upon Fiona’s back.\\ 
-**Skill level:​** ​ 40\\ 
-**Power level:** 10 \\ 
-**Control:​** 30 \\ 
-**Rank:** B 
-===== Physical ===== 
-**Appearance:​** [[http://​​index.php?​page=post&​s=view&​id=914518|Fiona]] has a small and nimble frame. Her height tops out at 5’3” and is considerably light. She has a snow white complexion with silky brown hair that drops down to the middle of her back. Her face has smooth lines and no sharp edges or angles , and she always has a very confident, almost smug, look on her face, and is almost always smiling.\\ 
-**Magical Item:** A few runes.\\ 
-**Magical Outfit:** Fiona, as a member of the Mythozoological branch, wears a light hazel colored robe with a darker tan lining along the fringes.\\ 
-**Familiar:​** [[http://​​tumblr_m9gzayGIeH1rqnf8po1_1280.jpg|Ursel]],​ a three-toed sloth. Name is Swiss for “Little bear”\\ 
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